Saturday, 31 January 2015

Same old same old...time to bugger off RD

To be fair nil all would have been a fair result.

As it was to snatch a point when all three should have been in the bag was criminal.  The crowd really do seem to have turned. The North Stand chanting 'we are Charltons Red and White army' and 'he's one of our own' after Cousins goal say it all.

Basil Fawlty on the touch line cut a comical figure.

The positives I can get from today were the keeper looked the part, and I was somewhat sceptical when he was picked last week.

The guy from Spurs looked the part, just a shame he had to make way for the useless LePointless.

I'll leave others to fill in the details of the actual match moments.

My heart sank when Wiggins tapped the ball into the back of our net.

I'm off to warm up with a glass of red wine and reflect on yet another bloody draw.

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