Friday, 23 January 2015

One last chance Guys

First off, the wonders of modern technology are beginning to know no binds. Having had a hard earned day off to celebrate my wedding anniversary with the missus, I'm in the bath, glass of wine, listening to a bit of Muzac and blogging.

17 years ago when I took the plunge and made my oaths to swmbo life as a Charlton supporter was very different. The long awaited return to The Valley was still very fresh in everyone's minds, and we were half way through, what for me alongside the surprise promotion in 86, was my favourite season supporting Charlton. A forward thinking board, a young intelligent manager with a CAFC legend alongside him, and a cleverley assembled squad of predominately British players. The foundation was in place for Charlton to be English footballs model club. And for the best part of the next ten years, that's exactly what we were. Much to the malign of my Millwall supporting best mate. Sky Sports and the media in General would continually say so.

Now they view our club, it's supporters (if you watched the football league show last week) with pity, and the owners with ridicule and contempt.

I feel a bit of self guilt at my attitude towards what's happening down in SE7, but it's difficult not to, isn't it?

Take a look at the Belguim Pro League table. Liege are sixth and 11 points off of top spot. Roly's model works in as much as he has a network of clubs who've not gone bust, but equally have not won a bean. So what's the point then? Football is a sport. I know no sport that's not competative. Therefore if the model is to have nice stadiums, that serve nice food to nice supporters and teams that tread water and win a few more games than they lose then it works. But where the model does not work is that there are actually tens of thousands of generations of supporters across the network who, like me, are dreamers and enjoy the anticipation that this just might be our season. As a general rule it never is. But without that little nugget of thinking maybe just maybe, before a ball has been kicked, what's the point?

I'd like us to win tomorrow, but in all honesty, I simple cannot see that happening. 

I feel sorry that the wrong person accosted you on the train last week Kat, but to be fair, you truly are a tad delusional to not even think someone may take umbridge and want to have a word in your shell.

Here's good news though everyone. Neither Kat or Roly are actually stupid. Therefore, eventually the penny will drop. Your not helping any of the supporters or local communities with your ridiculous anthropological experiment. Your not going to make any money without winning things. Your neither gratefully recieved or wanted. They may have lost interest and nearly saw us go into administration, but at least Jiminez and Slater let the football people make the football decisions.

Like most Charlton supporters, I have staying power. I'm going to tough it out and wait until Roly, Kat and all disappear. Which I can guarantee they will. Eventually. In the meantime I am going to moan, and more than likely laugh at Guy Bufoon.

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