Thursday, 22 January 2015

Eleven days and counting

So we've signed what our recently exiting 'idol' Big Bob would refer to rather cheesely as a 'young gun' with another difficult to pronounce name (if your me that is!) and not much else has happened as we count down to the Feb 2nd closure of the transfer window.

Part of me wonders and hopes that this lack of activity means Luzon (or Basil as I like to refer to the beanpole who's previous touch line antics are reminiscent of a certain Torquay hotelier) may not be coming due to work permit issues, hence we won't need to replace those first teamers who have decided that through previous experience they don't want to play for the guy. In which case maybe we will revert to plan a? Whatever that was?

I can just see the club statement 'the club have listened to the supporters and decided with the benefit of hindsight....bla bla bla' - well maybe not.

It does seem a bit odd though that there's still no sign of the non eu international standard coach though, don't you think?

In short I have a feeling we are about to lurch from one embarrassment to a new embarrassment. It all has me feeling a bit flat. (Apparently I'm not supposed to say that).

I wait with baited breath as Surley with just two sleeps until the game away to Kenny Jacketts very good Wolves side something must be announced today.

Either way I will certainly be watching Saturday's game unfold through my hands from behind the sofa as I'm worried it could be an even bigger and more embarrassing capitulation then at Vicarage Road.

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