Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Disenfranchised Athletic

Surprise surprise. Us Charlton supporters must be feeling about as valued as 'paying customers' as commuters who use South Eastern railways currently do!

Once the news of the completion of our boards 'exhaustive search' for the clubs new head coach filtered through (whilst I was sitting on the new timetabled super slow Woolwich line service to Dartford) I thought I'd sleep on it, and also see what other bloggers and Charlton followers had to say about it.

This morning prior to electing to get the super slow Woolwich line service into Cannon Street, rather than be a sardine from the start on the semi fast, I've read some funny, intelligent and well thought through commentary on events of the past week in SE7.

Along with my own feelings the impression I'm getting is one of generally being disenfranchised from the ever loyal legions of Addicks.

You could say the current owners have missed a real opportunity to actually move the club forward hear. But I think we all know there was never any other outcome likely.

Regardless of any investment during the swiftly disappearing transfer window (and let's be honest, it will only be network players, those with some baggage available on the cheap and looking for a second chance, or as was the case when Luzon took over at Liege, bribe signings of ex legends to appease the disenfranchised supporters - that last bit was me looking for some form of silver lining), regardless of whether performances and results improve, our club seems to be turning into a monotone version of it's old self. Bland.

The problem we have as supporters of Charlton, is that on the face of it, RD ain't going anywhere fast. Even rioting Standard Liege fans couldn't get him to pack his bags and bugger off!

I will keep going and cheering the lads on this season. But at the moment, beyond that I really could not say.

The general lack of communication from the club (whatever happened to the club/supporters meeting?) and general disrespect from the board in the way that they do, on the face of it, think we are a bunch of gullible morons who will buy whatever tut poorly spun rubbish they spout at us is depressing, frustrating and annoying in equal measure.

I wait with baited breath to see who's going to step up to the plate and begin organising us Addicks into at least trying to kick back against this slow and painful demise of what Charlton Athletic has always been about and what probably attracted us all to SE7 in the first place rather than some of Londons more glamouress clubs.

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