Saturday, 28 April 2012

The exorcism of the ghost of Christmas past...

During the first four months of 2012 Charlton well and truly shut the harpengers of doom up and put the 'traditional' new year capitulation that the afore mentioned negative Normans seem to enjoy banging on about.

One of my more negative Charlton supporting acquaintances has been going on since the Bournemeouth home game (yes for that long) about how King Chris will be found out eventually and we'll be lucky to make the play off's.

I bumped into him back in November, and when asked about what he thought about the rest of the season he replied (more of a grunt really)' going down with the Christmas decorations'.

How wrong can one be?

Up to the end of the first half of the season on 31st December, when the ref scuppered any chance of a decent game against Orient, Charlton had a win rate of 65% and were proudly top of the league.

Now having played two games less, we have a win rate of 60%, but still have two more games to play. Which if we win will take us up to 69% ratio of wins to games played. And we've retained that top spot all year.

A truly monumental season, littered with new records, memorable goals, numerous hero's, wonder goals, the list of positives just goes on and on.

Today we hit the road for one last time this season, t'north to Preston, where I really think buoyed by the fact that a win will see Charlton enrolled into the 'one hundred club' (and let's be honest, even the most optimistic Addicks couldn't have foreseen that) we will meet the game full on and well up for the win. Preston 1 Charlton 3.

I'm so looking forward to next Saturday.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's been a long time...

Since i've posted and more importantly since we've had such a fun and enjoyable season.

Work commitments mean I've been both too busy and knackered to post following, for once, Charlton sticking to the 'Walt Disney fairy tale ' script and doing what was needed when it was needed.

Two more games to go, and the target of a ton of points to hit. (what an achievement!)

Without wanting to tempt providence, I think there's more fun to come. This group of players, the board of directors and course King Chrissy Powell (yes his stature has now risen from mere lordly to regal) do not strike me as being the types to think this season and a return to the Championship is 'job done'.

I'll be at The Valley for the Hartlepool game, for what will be the absolute Polaris of last seasons identical curtain call where we all collectively breathed a sigh of relief that the season was over. It's going to be a much more special occasion that I look forward to enjoying with a special person.

Can't wait.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012


I remember the feeling of unbelief when we were promoted back in 86 to the top flight of football. Today, at 41, not the tender 15 I was back then, the feeling is still the same. Only difference being that tomorrow morning I will be feeling a tad 'tired' compared to the way I felt 25 odd years ago! (I'll be necking mainly rose wine in honour of the mighty reds this evening).

It's been a long old season, and I'll be honest, at times I've been waiting for the wheels to come off. But they didn't. Sit Chris is a legend. Murray did completely the right thing and Slater and Jiminez are owed our thanks for enabling Powell to put together a winning team.

Be interesting to see how the football league show report our fortune tonight, the usual cursory 20 seconds or will they make a feature out of the first (along with Swindon) promotion of the season. Well done Paulo by the way.

A win on Saturday against Wycombe and it's another trophy in the underused cabinet in the boardroom.

Happy happy happy. Goodbye shite referee's as the norm, ta ta Rochdale and Carlisle (maybe), farewell 20 second fls coverage and the first round of the fa cup.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Looks like Wycombe at home then...

I've not posted for the last couple of games as my nerves have been completed shredded by the ongoing promotion push.

Who'dve believed we could be going into the final four games on an amazing 91 points and still not yet be certain of promotion!

I think this shows both the strength of this division this season and what can be achieved (as per both Sheffield clubs) when local rivalry and honour drives you. One of those two clubs sets of supporters will finish the season gutted. I think keeping up with each other will leave the eventual loser out of puff for the play offs.

We travel to Carlisle needing to show the dogged determination from the last two games. I've not seen a Charlton team run the clock down as effectively as on Bank Holiday Monday for many a year.

Carlisle will present us with an altogether trickier proposition. On a decent run of form and pushing for a play off place, I'll be happy with an away point setting us up nicely for a Valley promotion match day against Wycombe. In the event that we do get all three points up north, I can't see either Sheffield club letting up in their pursuit of the second promotion spot, leaving us to look forward to partying down in Se7 a week on Saturday. (I hope).

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