Saturday, 20 January 2018

Fosu makes the difference

A laboured first half saw Charltons leads cancelled out when the shortest player on the pitch rose to head home an equaliser for the Saddlers.

The turning point in this game, against a Wallsall side that we were far superior to was the introduction of Fosu. Suddenly we had some purpose and drive in going forward. Yes we still at times insisted in the now familiar sideways, backwards passing. But once we had both Fosu and Mavididi on the pitch we had some attacking cutting edge and purpose.

A good three points, if we can keep these players fit and get the one or two extra bodies being touted on board, we may actually have a chance if we can stay in the top six come May. Critically we need more than cover for Magennis. He looked low on confidence, inefectual making poor decisions and dare I say a little uninterested today. At the moment playing him is a bit like playing with ten men.

I look forward to seeing what comes out of the trust's meeting with Murray.

Duchalet has lost any interest he ever had in the club and the staff are basically running things with no leadership on their own.

The bloke needs to accept an offer and get a deal done asap. And then do one!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Never a dull moment down at the valley...

Well that is except for match days. So we got past Thursday with no announcement from the club, but did see Murray counter CARDS threatened protest by setting up a meeting on Saturday with CAST.

I would be surprised if any major revelations that we don't already half suspect or know come out of this, and I don't envisage a sudden dawn of enlightenment for us poor long suffering supporters.

You've got to feel for Karl Robinson, who is cutting a more and more frustrating figure. He has become a bit of a conundrum for me. On the one hand I have always found his rent a gob a bit annoying, however the way he has conducted himself over the past few weeks, with candour and honesty has impressed me.

I'll be there tomorrow, and have to admit am glad there will be no protests. It's a game against must beat opposition. With Fosu hopefully back and starting I'm quietly confident we can make it three out of three and I hope by more than the now standard one goal.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Charlton pass sideways...

And backward and sideways to scrape a much needed 1 nil win at home to Oldham.

It was a painful 90 minutes on Saturday that saw us pick up 3 points at last.

Among the lowlights were out inability or lack of eagerness to be in anyway direct. Pushing the ball to the left, to the right, backwards and then out to the wing to waste crosses into an empty box. That and right towards the end Ahearne Grant missing an absolute sitter.

The only time we ever really attacked the ball was when late sub Jackson raced into the box to power a header at the Oldham goalkeeper. How good would that have been to see the skipper put the game to bed?

In the second half we were defending so deeply the Oldham keeper seemed to be playing on the half way line a lot of the time.

Truly dire stuff. On the plus side it has stopped the rot of the last 9 games and does give the players a platform to work on trying to regain some of our early season form.

Rumours still abound about a takeover, in some quarters getting a touch frenzied with the news of Varney stepping down at Ebsfleet. (As nice as the idea of him returning with new buyers is, I'm sceptical that this is nothing other than coincidence).

Robinson has been bemoaning the effect takeover talks are having and the lack of transfer activity, but surely having worked under the regime for a year now he must know the score?

Bury away next Saturday and a chance to go for back to back wins to get our season going again. Who knows, maybe even under new ownership?

Thursday, 4 January 2018 a hurry

Karl Robinson’s press conference made for some concerning and depressing reading. On the face of it, no more player investment looks likely to be forthcoming until any potential takeover comes about. My bigger concern would be Duchalet cashing in on the better players in our ever dwindling squad during the window. Leaving us even more under resourced than we already are currently.

On the face of it, any takeover that is going to happen would look unlikely to get over the line in time for any real player investment could happen.

I’ll be honest I’m kind of already resigned to a third season in league one, just hopeful that we will have new owners with plans to invest on the pitch eager to move things back in the right direction in the Summer.

What I do know though is that right now it’s more important than anytime in the last 25 years that, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we all get behind Charlton and help them through the remainder of the season. Who knows, next season could see a return to the good old days with us all having our Charlton back.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Critical days ahead for Robinson...

With three games prior to Shrewsbury away it's critical that Karl Robinson gets a turn around on both recent performances and results.

6 points from both (on paper) winnable home games and a point away to Bury should leave us in touch with the play off spot chasing pack.

In my eyes it's plain to see where things have gone so wrong. Without blaming it all at the feet of injuries. (Why have we had so many injuries and reoccurring absentees?)

Once the more savvy managers cottoned onto our game plan we went from being unplayable to easily contained and frustrated.
This stubborn persistence to persevere with one up front and only reverting to a duo when things are not working (which lets be honest, is pretty much every game these days) seems short sighted.

Saying we've only had one striker does not completely cut it for me. We've had KAG, Dodoo and Best. Plus several free scoring members of the under 23 squad. Not ideal I know, but the current formation is simply not gaining any dividends and hasn't for some time now.

Why not try starting with 2 forwards and see of we can put some games to bed early doors? Rather than the current habit of conceding and then chasing the games for the rest of the match? All that huff and puff is getting us nowhere.

A home capitulation to Gillingham is indicative of how far we have fallen, they matched and beat us in every element of the first half on Saturday.

With Duchalet seemingly wanting to sell now I don't have much hope of a busy transfer window. My hope is that we get two forwards in to provide improved options and competition for Magennis.

After our winless December in the League and dreadful start to 2018 Robinson really needs to earn his corn and turn things around. Fast.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Charlton v Gills preview

There a two things I’m hoping for today besides three points.

Firstly Jonnie Jackson has the legs to get another start. And secondly I get to see Scott Wagstaff back at The Valley.  He was always a firm favourite of mine, and was a true son of Charlton.

A big game today. Not just because localish pride is at stake, but it’s now critical that we build on Fridays solid display, break our current run and pick up a win.

Being it’s New Year’s Day, and a time for optimism, I’m going to plump for a 2-0 win, with a certain Jonnie Jackson grabbing his first goal of the season.

Cheers and Happy New Year.