Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Critical days ahead for Robinson...

With three games prior to Shrewsbury away it's critical that Karl Robinson gets a turn around on both recent performances and results.

6 points from both (on paper) winnable home games and a point away to Bury should leave us in touch with the play off spot chasing pack.

In my eyes it's plain to see where things have gone so wrong. Without blaming it all at the feet of injuries. (Why have we had so many injuries and reoccurring absentees?)

Once the more savvy managers cottoned onto our game plan we went from being unplayable to easily contained and frustrated.
This stubborn persistence to persevere with one up front and only reverting to a duo when things are not working (which lets be honest, is pretty much every game these days) seems short sighted.

Saying we've only had one striker does not completely cut it for me. We've had KAG, Dodoo and Best. Plus several free scoring members of the under 23 squad. Not ideal I know, but the current formation is simply not gaining any dividends and hasn't for some time now.

Why not try starting with 2 forwards and see of we can put some games to bed early doors? Rather than the current habit of conceding and then chasing the games for the rest of the match? All that huff and puff is getting us nowhere.

A home capitulation to Gillingham is indicative of how far we have fallen, they matched and beat us in every element of the first half on Saturday.

With Duchalet seemingly wanting to sell now I don't have much hope of a busy transfer window. My hope is that we get two forwards in to provide improved options and competition for Magennis.

After our winless December in the League and dreadful start to 2018 Robinson really needs to earn his corn and turn things around. Fast.

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