Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Addicks exit The Championship with a whimper...

Another depressingly stupid club statement. This time with Kats name firmly accredited to it.

I don't need to re-iterate (although I will) most Addicks opinion that it's not the fact of relegation that so bothers, it's the nature of it and the fact that if the regime had planned properly, appointed the right personnel, and actually realised after TWO YEARS of their master plan consistently is failing that they don't know what they're doing.

We have two more home games and the outside hope that one of the three rumoured club take over consortium's actually a) exist and b) will be able to negotiate a price that suits both Roly and the next investors. (Lets be honest I'd be extremely surprised if any one is willing to pay £38 million quid).

If the intention is to stay on and further suck the spirit and character out of our great club then I won't be part of it.  The next two home games will be both poignant and emotional - and also my last attending the Valley until things change.

Over thirty years supporting Charlton, but I categorically will not renew and will not attend home games whilst this bunch of mugs remain in charge trying to milk CAFC of everything they can get.