Sunday, 12 August 2018

Youngsters do Charlton proud...

Charlton followed on from last weeks dissapointment at The Stadium of Light by notching their first win and three points of the season.

We even actually managed to get six bodies on the bench.

In all honesty, and this isn’t me be over critical, it was a game contested by what looked like two very average third division sides.  Pluses were Lapslie (again) and Morgan who came on at half time for the ineffectual Marshall.

No one could fault the application of the team, there was just a lacking spark throughout the pitch. The win being the result of lots of hard work as opposed to skill.

Naby Sarr (the legend) did a decent enough job, he would however I think be well exposed by better opposition.

It is early days, once we get the long list of injured back, if we avoid any more injuries I can certainly see us improving on last seasons sixth place. Espiecially if Taylor and Grant continue to grow together and get goals.

Who knows, we may even finally see the takeover finally happen and few decent loan signings coming in. It’s hard work being a Charlton supporter at the moment, but i’ll Keep on keeping on in the hope that things will finally change behind the scenes.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The season ahead...

So the season is nearly upon us. Still no sign of any takeover. Various musings, rumours and sound bites on social media platforms, press speculation, and forums; but no actual solid news. Good or bad.

An unbeaten pre season must be good for moral amongst the team, but gives no real indication of how we will fair over the next year and a bit.

Players have been sold at bargain basement prices leaving a threadbare squad further depleted by injuries.

The bookies have us as one of the favourites for promotion, I don’t see it myself based on our current circumstances. That is unless we see an example similar to that shown by Leicester City a couple of seasons ago. (Us punching well above our current weight.)

I really don’t want to sound negative, but I just can’t see us pushing for promotion this season. An unprecedented fourth season in the third division being the outcome.

In Bowyer I do think we have a manager, who working within a normal situation and environment (which he isn’t) could succeed.

I think we could get off to a good start, Bowyer does seem to have the Knack of polishing a turd down to a fine art form. But, with our small squad, lack of quality in certain areas of the pitch and all of the uncertainty in the background just cannot see us sustaining momentum and challenging throughout the whole season. Mid table at best.

Add to all this CARDS threat of restarting the protests and making The Valley the toxic place it was season before last.

It’s going to be yet another rollercoaster of a season in SE7. My personal opinion would be to get behind the players and the manager, create a siege mentality at home, and ignore the idiot who has driven us to this point and hope for a change of ownership, sooner rather than later.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Fakeover News...

Well there is none is there!

Its now nearly a week since the reported 'deadline' set by Duchalet, and nothing but daily banal news coming from the official site. Going through the moitions of trying to keep a fastly dissapating fanbases interest.

Rather foolishly, in a moment of excitement rallied on by claims a takeover was imminent, not only did i renew me and my sons season tickets but i took on additional one for my daughter who has begun to show an interest. I've never had much luck when it comes to taking a punt.

Numerous players have returned to their parent clubs, along with the annual sale of a potential crown jewel and only one new player has come in.

On the face of it, IF we see a miracle and have zero injuries or suspensions all season, the first eleven can compete in this league. But we all know thats not going to happen.

A threadbare squad it is then, subsidised by some of the better players from the under 23 team.

Still i'll be there come the start of the season cheering the mighty Addicks on.

I just really hope something does happen and i'm proved entirley wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

...Decisions, decisions...

My frustration is mounting as we wait for the much mooted takeover to happen.

Strangely decisions seem to be getting made at the club, large and small, regardless of the fact that we have currently no Full Time Manager, no Finance Director, no CEO.

The decision was made to open the club shop over the weekend to try and knock out some merchandise whilst we still had the hope of a Wembley appearance via the play off's.

The decision was made to take season ticket off of the market, and then re-release them still at the early bird pricing. (However they have not yet been put back to market).

The decision to extend Harry Lennon's contract.

The decision on who to release and keep going into next season. (I would imagine that at the moment, anyone out of contract will go. Surely?  With no one in control from a footballing point of view.

The only decision i'm really interested in at the moment is the one that involves Duchalet and whoever our new owner will be signing the bloody contracts and transferring ownership of the club  across.  Whoever does come in will surely bring an improvement on the last four years. Won't they???

Friday, 13 April 2018

Too many question and not enough answers...

Things are never ordinary down in SE7 these days (or for much of the last 4 years to be honest).

Decisions seem to be being made, but i'm just not sure who by??? Season ticket prices have been announced, changes to the way they can be purchased, a new loyalty scheme, Young Reds revamp. With an absent uninterested owner, no FD, no CEO who in the hell is rubber stamping these decisions?

Has Murray been told to get on with things but don't spend too much money?

Is Duchalet dragging out the sale of the club so he can accrue more profit from the ever increasing burden of debt he is ladling onto Charlton?

Are there actually even two parties close to agreeing a deal? Or was it all just a smoke screen to put off the various protests that were beginning to be ramped up again.

The Bowyer bounce does seem to have slowed over the past two games, but I do have every confidence in him, and the team, to win some more of the games left to play. Whether it will be enough to gain a play off berth only time will tell.

In the event we do make the play off's and succeed in getting promoted back to The Championship, then next season, if Duchalet is still the owner, could well be the most catastrophic under he's stewardship.

There would be a lack of investment in players, of this i'm sure, which would include those out of contract making their escape. We'd also i'm certain see some of our emerging young talent sold off to 'balance the books.

Can you imagine a threadbare squad, supplemented by youngsters promoted from the Under 23's competing in that division?  We could could see record bad season.  With even more dwindling crowds despite being in a higher league.

Something needs to give soon. But as time marches on I am starting to get really worried about what lays ahead.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

No new manager bounce...

Okay, so maybe I’m going over the top. But today’s performance and result in my opinion was not just an example of the new manager bounce we so often hear about.

Bowyer played two up front, Zyro makes a perfect target man, holding the ball up well and scoring a great headed goal. Absolutely no way he’s a winger as Robinson touted. Ajose looked lively. And  every player to a man fought for every ball for the whole 90.

Plymouth are a decent side, but based on what Bowyer said, he did his research and used his experience to set the team up to counter their strong points. Not just play the same old formation week in week out.

The atmposphere in the ground was fantastic, and was merited by the spirit and Football shown on the pitch. The football still a bit tippy tippy, but much more direct than we have seen for some time. It would seem we have a caretaker manager who is comfortable reading the game and having a plan a, b and c when necessary.

We are very much back in with a shout of a play off berth and if we hit form now could be in a good position to have success should we qualify for the play offs.

If we get a result against Northampton I would suggest that, in the absence of any regime presence at the Doncaster game, the negativity that a card protest might cause would be counter productive.

The takeover does seem to be coming, ever so slowly, lets get behind Bowyer and Jackson and cheer the boys on as much as we can to glory.

As a footnote Curbs and Peacock were in the directors box today. Not sure whether that means anything other than they were there to take a game in or the incoming owners are lining something up.

Guess we’ll find out in the next few days.

The beginning of the beginning again...

Another odd week in SE7. The ‘Shock’ (sic) departure of  Robinson followed by him turning up a few minutes later at Oxford United. And, for my money, hilariously pretty much rolling out the same cliched Football Manager diatribe that we’ve all had to stomach for the last 18 months.  The best bit being where in his farewell to Charlton he lyricised about what a tough decision it was only to tell the Oxford reporter that joining them was a’no brainer’!

To be fair to him I can’t blame him for jumping our rudderless ship. Good luck to him and good to see the back of him to.  Hopefully the next exit we see will be the Belgium tossed himself, Roland.

Takeover regardless we have a six pointer today, against in form Plymouth Argyle.  I expect Bowyer to really change things up and not be scared to pick his own team and formation. However far away that is from the surge we have experienced over recent months.

The Bowyer/Jackson combination could work really well. For however short a period it is allowed to develop. In my mind I see Bowyer as the strict authoritarian and Jackson as the one who would put an arm round players shoulders and offer some encouragement.  I got the feeling that half of Robinson’s problem was he wanted to be liked by everybody far to much.

I’ve no idea how we will set up today, I’m pretty sure whatever formation will allow for more than one out and out striker.

All in all, with the absence of a takeover, this is the most excited I’ve been about attending a match day for months.

2-0 Charlton