Monday, 25 September 2017

the blip continues...

I’m guessing a few people out there maybe thinking ‘I told you so’. Having witnessed the Northampton and Swindon wins, and enjoyed the positive atmosphere at The Valley, I bit the bullet and bought a season ticket.

Despite the recent run of two losses and a draw I’m still confident that we won’t have anything as bad as last season. However we do need to come up with a viable tactic to revert to when we come up against savvy managers who’ve worked out pressing us up the pitch basically nullifies the attacking way we set ourselves up.

Saturday also showed what a crucial player Ricky Holmes is to us. Him missing showed that we do lack creative flair and aggressive attacking prowess elsewhere on the pitch.

We can only hope that once Reeves and Marshall are fit the burden of creativity will be shared a bit more.

It’s critical we get something out of the next two away games, 2 or 3 points to keep us in touch with the top six. Walsall and Fleetwood will provide tough opposition so Robinson will have to make sure he has the team prepared fully and a well planned game plan in place.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Double Devon delight...

Charlton play their second successive game in Devon this afternoon, having seen a young side come from being to despatch with Exeter City.

A bit of a dilemma in selection upfront for Robinson. With no target men available and Watt not really looking upto it I wonder how the attacking end of the team will line up. Maybe Reeves and Sharpe playing behind Ahearne Grant. It's difficult to call.

Plymouth have list both of their opening games on in the League and the hokey cokey cup, so will be looking desperately to get some points on the board.

If we carry the spirit and attacking mentality we showed against Bristol Rovers into this game I can't see us losing.

Plymouth 1 Charlton 2, and hopefully finishing the game with eleven Charlton players on the pitch.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Charlton win the right way...

A crowd of 12,968, swelled by a decent number of travelling Bristolians saw Charlton get off to a winning start despite playing much of the game with only ten men following Novaks early sending off.

The atmosphere at The Valley was nothing like that which i rarely enjoyed last season.  There was a real coming together throughout the stands, promoted no doubt by the recent silence from our Belgium owners and CEO and improved communications overall from the club staff on the ground.

The positive performance must also be commented on. Despite only having ten men this Charlton side continuously surged forward looking to add that second goal.  Ricky Holmes did not disappoint, and showed why it was so important to our chances this season that we retained his services.

Kashi was awesome in the midfield general role, and again will prove to be a pivotal part of any success this squad achieve over the coming month's. Dasilva looked comfortable as both a defensive and attacking full back.  All in all a great day at the office.

The only player not to come out looking at full marks was Tony Watt.  He didn't look at all sharp and certainly not match fit.

The issue we have for the next couple of weeks, until Magennis returns, is who plays up front. I don't think either Watt or Ahearne Grant could play that holding up target man type of role that the former two mentioned can, pulling in Sharpe, Fosu and Holmes into attacking play. Perhaps Robinson will tweak tactics until Magennis is available again.

Happy with the direction things look to be taking so far.

Man of the Match: Ricky Holmes

Could do Better: Tony Watt

Friday, 4 August 2017

A change in Regime policy...

So a line is drawn under our Preseason preparation with the signing of Ben Reeves.

To be honest it's been completely different to any of the recent build ups under this regime. Some good additions to the squad, rebuffing bids for Ricky Holmes and giving him the reward of a new contract. All of this combined with Kashis return to fitness and the squad leave me feeling confident ahead of tomorrow's big kick off.

Even Robinson is growing on me. He may have a motor mouth but he does seem to be the man in charge and looks like he actually understands what Charlton is all about.

Bowyer and Jackson as his bench buddies could be inspired and present us with a young and dynamic management team.

It all reminds me of both the 85 86 promotion Preseason and that of Sir Chris Powell's League One championship campaign.

There are however some very strong sides competing for in League One this season. I don't think we're quite up to speed for an automatic place but believe the top six and a triumphant trip to Wembley is well within our sites.


Match Prediction: Charlton 3 Bristol Rovers 1

Monday, 10 July 2017

Charlton win and Ricky signs...

An important day was yesterday. Not just for my potential reengagement with the club, but also for loyalty of players and perhaps a small adjustment in regime policy.

Ricky Holmes became the first player of the year under Duchalet tenure not to have been cashed in on. Equally the player chose at least another season playing in front of under 10,000 crowds in tier three over Championship football and what would have been crowds closer to 20k in Sheffield. A major win for club loyalty, something that is scarce in today's game.

I get the impression, for whatever motive, the club is intent on having a concerted push for promotion this term. Watch out for further signings.

On the playing front a decent run out for the whole squad in Crumlin last night. I caught intermittent bits of the action on CAFCTV and YouTube.

I watch on in anticipation,  could we about to embark upon an 'ordinary football season' under RD?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tentatively Looking Forward to the New Season...

I'd kind of been holding off making my first post for the 2017-2018 season until there is some resolution over Ricky Holmes.

On the face of it the new backroom line up seems to be Karl Robinson driven; whether the trio of Robinson, Jackson and Bowyer (sounds like a firm of Estate Agents or Solicitors) have what it takes remains to be seen?  But it is none the less refreshing to see a line up devoid of network employed additions, and I believe all three will be turning up with the right attitude and wish to earn their money.

The signings so far, although not plentiful look decent enough for this level. Clarke and Marshall have already played together and know what it's takes to finish top six in this division.  The guy from Reading sounds to have promise.

In Robinson's words we do however need a good 5 or 6 quality additions to bolster the squad and provide some much needed competition.  One notable requirement is a Goalkeeper.

The newly launched website, is in my opinion, even worse than the old generic football league one. Difficult to navigate, childish in it's content (think kick off magazine versus the old football monthly or four four two) and very much twitter driven.

I have to admit long gone are the days I eagerly anticipate the launch of a new kit, however you would have thought they would have released it by now, if for no other reason to get some much needed revenue from pre-orders.

Silly Katreins silence has been wonderful.  Long may that continue.

The general spirit among the squad during this weeks training camp in Ireland does fill me with some optimism, not that we are going to romp to the league title, but that we are now beginning to see a unified team of players, who god forbid, may even want to start playing for each other, for the fans and for the shirt.

I retain an open mind and will be there come our first home game to cheer on the Addicks.

Mind you it is a long time between now and the big ko, so lets see how things work out.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

...Chose the wrong time to 'get back in the game'...

Following on from my return to The Valley on Saturday and another disastrous result. You score three goals away from home you really should be bitterly dissapointed to not be taking anything away from the game.

I feel for the excellent Ricky Holmes, far to good a player for both Northampton and Charlton (under RD's stewardship).

I'd been prepared to give Karl Robinson the benefit of the doubt, but having read his post match comments this morning have to agree with some other of my fellow bloggers, the phrase 'he's got more waffle than Belguim' springs to mind.

The stark reality is that unless this run of poor form is turned around we could see ourselves bang in the middle of the relegation carve up by the end of March.

Charlton supporters have spent the last 30 years fighting for the club's future at various points, both intelligently and successfully,  let's hope those making the trip to Belguim have more success than Big Karl has of late.