Thursday, 28 February 2019

Duchalet finally breaks... he's gone f***ng mental!

Following on from Rolands idea being floated at last nights fans forum of the EFL buying Charlton these two items have now been added to the clubs website.

Buy Charlton demands owner

Owner Overview

Okay, i couldn't say for sure that the latter is new, but I've certainly not seen it before.

It strikes me after the last few days we are entering the end game.  Whatever that may entail.  It certainly seems after events on his home soil that Duchalets staying power is finally evaporating into a desperate last attempt at proving he has not been a complete and utter fucking failure at running a football club effectively.

If we do go up this season via the play offs, what Bowyer and his back room staff and team would have pulled off would be nothing short of miraculous. (I do however feel that with all that is going on behind the scenes along with the obstructive environment that management have to work within - promotion is unlikely).

I'm at the point where Duchalet throwing the towel in, administration, points deduction and one more season in League One - under sensibly ambitious stewardship, is beginning to look appealing.

The schmuck has to go! One way or another.

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