Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Oh please Monsieur one!!!

As yet another transfer window passes under the Duchalet regime, this one more than any other epitomises what a stark and ineffectual period this has been for the club.

I was waiting to return to blogging about my favourite club until the takeover had taken place, as I was fed up with just posing pretty negative stuff. But having been sold a puppy for a third time now. This time via James White on the radio I figured I may as well get back on the bike. Otherwise it seems like I’d be waiting for hell to freeze over.

Grant going, based on the current form of his partnership with Lyle Taylor, was hugely disappointing. As was the 11th hour signing of his replacement, the slightly ageing Journeyman Josh Parker. We are extremely light upfront, and with the way Taylor likes to put himself about I have no doubt he will spend more time on the naughty step suspended as the season reaches its finale. 

The lack of decent and experienced back up in strikers certainly told on Saturday. And what about the blow to general morale losing one part of the most prolific Charlton goal scoring partnership in years? Can’t help.

I feel for Bowyer. What he has managed to achieve to date with no budget in comparison to our competitors speaks volumes for his motivational skills.

And so on to Saturday. We welcome back to The Valley Sir Chris. I know some get a bit fed up with the Sir Chris brigade banging on about the past. But I wonder what would have happened if he’d been backed and allowed to do his own thing?

One thing I do know, I hope he goes home with no points after being given a warm welcome by the Addicks home supporters.

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