Saturday, 22 January 2011

This game has taken what seems like an age (not a week) to finally come around. So after all of the excitement and anticipation we're on the cusp of a new chapter in the history of the club we love.

I would imagine Chris Powell has spoken with Damien Matthews and Keith Peacock to get an inside track on his playing staff, along with training and getting to know the players this week. Wagstaff he already knows a bit from his last spell at the club when he Scott was first breaking into the squad.

I think he'll go with a 451 based formation. Based on the fact it's Sven Goran Ericksens favoured formation, it's what he played under Curbs as much of the time and that's how we set up last week against Sheffield Weds. I'd like to see Wagstaff playing just behind the front man again aswell.

Despite a great midweek result for Plymouth I just cannot see them picking any points up today, at a Valley that will be noisy, full of enthusiasm and have a good 18,000 plus. (this being a real bonus for what, in all honesty is not one of the more glamorous fixtures in league one).

I don't think it's going to be pretty, much more about endeavour and a complete refusal to bow to defeat (bit like the Portsmouth game all those years ago). 2-0 to Charlton, the season starts here!

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Location:Charlton v Leicester City preview

Monday, 17 January 2011

5 more sleeps till...

I'm excited. I spent two hours tonight watching sky sports news waiting for the re run of the Chris Powell press conference. The quote that did it for me was 'this clubs in my system'!

All of the doubters should trade in their season tickets and go and support Arsenal or some other sterile football club. This guy (Sir Chris), I am completely convinced was the best possible choice for us. Bottom line is he will live, breath and eat for the success of the club, not just the pay check. I cannot wait, and know that, as usual we are in for a roller coaster ride, bring on Plymouth. It's the most excited I've been about a trip to the Valley for years!

Chrissy Powells red and White army!!!!!!

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sheffield Wed 2 Charlton 2, cheers Keith

The only thing that could make being a Charlton supporter better right now, would have been Keith delivering three points this afternoon. But I'll happily settle for a difficult away draw.

I have to say, and mirror the sentiment of another Charlton blog I read this morning, after a torrid few years (ever since Dowie was appointed) Charlton has suddenly starting feeling like Charlton again. Spirit, personality and endevour. No one minds losing, if you lose well, with spirit. 'Plucky Charlton' to coin an over used phrase of the late eighties and early ninetee's.

I am feeling extremely optimistic about the future down at the Valley. One thing I do know. It will be a return to the fun filled roller coaster that I fell in love with back in the eighties, and not the drudgery that we've all suffered post Curbishley.

Looking forward to Plymouth.

Sheffield Wed v Charlton preview

After The events of the last week culminating in the 'coronation' of Sir Chris I really have no idea about the outcome of today's match. Two teams flirting with the idea of promotion, both proving to be inconsistent over time, both two of the 'bigger' and better supported teams in the division.

I'd really like to see a comfortable two nil win for the Addicks and Keith Peacock return to his executive directors role a winner!

I'd expect Ecclestone to figure as a sub at some stage with Anysiha starting up top on his own as versus Spurs.

I'm going for a one all score draw and looking forward to the Plymouth game next week when we get a first look at how Chris sets the side up going forward.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

May the farce be with you!

Bookies favourites! We've seen a few since Parky was shown the door last week.

The first and most obvious one being Dennis Wise. Odds on at one point. I believe the bookies even stopped taking bets. I'm not ruling this, which in my opinion is the least desirable, out. But am begining to feel confident that if it hasn't happened by now, it never will.

Then there was the 'Howe' farce, which was not only fuelled by Palaces attempts to outdo whatever offer we had tabled, but by what would seem, was the ego driven behaviour of Eddie Howe himself.

When I read that he had cancelled training today to address his playing staff and explain what 'difficult decision' he had come to, I was convinced that he had accepted one of the three reported offers he had received from ourselves, Palarse and Burnely. To my surprise it was to tell the players exactly how much he loves them and Bournmouth, and how wonderful and loyal he is to stick with them. Queue much 'hazahhing', backslapping and grown Bournmouth players sobbing at their leader with joy! I think looking at it, albeit a very promising up and coming manager, Eddie Howe does seem to have shown himself to have a certain lack of maturity that would be needed to succeed in the Charlton job. (particularly with the heightened expectation levels that the new ownership have bought with them).

The trouble I see (and I eagerly await any torrent of disagreement and abuse) is that Parky, for all his faults, was not a completely bad manager, and when you look at the ever increasing talent pool of newly unemployed managers on the market, I don't really see any that bring anymore to the table than Phil already had done.

I hope whoever does take the hotseat, it happens soon, so we can get on with the business of strengthening the squad (with what's left of the transfer window) and pushing on up the league (s).

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tottenham v Charlton preview

I'm not quite whether I'm looking forward to tomorrows third round game or not. It certainly evoking some mixed emotions in me. The first ever away game my Dad took me to was the corresponding fixture back in the 84-85 season. Coming not long after we had been taken over by The Sunley lot to stave of administration and a winding up order, who knows how close we had come to a repeat of this until New years day this season?

We went on the supporters club coach. I remember ( I'm pretty sure) at one nil down winning a penalty. And the marmite player that was Mark Aizlewood mugging the penalty but scooping up the rebound before poking it in to the net. To go from swearing at him to jumping up and down wildly celebrating in a microsecond is one of my earliest and defining memories of being a Charlton supporter. I also seem to remember that the general feeling was that we would turn them over back at the valley. Unfortunately the subsequent replay was postponed a couple of times due to snow, and by the time we played them we had seemed to have lost that momentum and lost two one.

Tomorrow will see, what for me regardless of the result what will be a highlight to the season, Peacock take charge. Even if we cause an upset I think the new manager should be in place by Monday.

One of Keiths strengths when he was assistant to Curbs was his great motevational skills, and he has always been known as a manager (at Gillingham and Maidstone) for playing attacking football on the ground.

It's a difficult one for Redknapp to prepare for. No homework his coaching staff might have done will bare any relevance, as we won't be set up as a 'Parky' type side. Keith will have the players well worked up, and willing to give a performance both for him, and to impress the incoming manager.

I've got a feeling that we'll be seeing an exciting open game, and will equally enjoy reading the reports opt this cup shock in Mondays Redtops.

Tottenham 1 Charlton 3

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Am I dreaming

Before I even got the chance to post on the horror show that was the Swindon game on Monday night, Parkinson and the entire first team coaching staff were abruptly sacked (including Kinsella, which I think is a real shame). My initial thoughts, upon hearing a caretaker would be appointed was 'oh well, here comes Dennis the Menace then'.

To my delight the announcement was made that Keith Peacock would be stepping in as caretaker. A thoroughly nice guy, with a wealth of experience. As surprised as I was, and as much as I'd love to see him take to the dug out at Whitehart Lane on Sunday, the way things have been going of a pace, I would not be surprised if whoever the new owners have earmarked (probably before they even signed on the dotted line and took control of the club) will be in place.

I still believe that it will be Wise who takes over, however I have a quiet hope that the Newcastle connection will see Chris Houghton installed as our FIFTH manager (including Peacock in his temporary role) to boss Charlton since Curbs left. It seems amazing that we've had so many in such a short time having enjoyed the stability of having just the two for over twenty years.

Whatever happens I'll keep coming back for more, here's to a cup shock at the weekend orchestrated by a true Charlton legend.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Charlton v Swindon preview

To be honest something in me is still smarting from last seasons play off defeat. And I'm really hoping we play as well as we can and stuff Swindon today.

It will be interesting to see, on the day he meets his new bosses coupled with the selection problems up front, whether Parky plays it safe and goes with a standard formation or whether he decides to show Slater and Jiminez his tactical acumen and shuffles the pack and plays a formation that incorporates the best attacking options?

As far as I can see he has only really Abbott and Tuna as recognised forwards that it would seem are available. I'm kind of hoping that Sodje might be ready for a return, and play up top on his own. The only other possible option (other than Tuna and Abbott in a 442, pretty unsparing) would be to play 4411 with Kyle Reid playing behind Tuna providing ammunition for him. (this logic being based on the fact he's younger than Abbott and might have the legs to do this). But then to be fair what do I know anyway?

I'm going to go for a side galvanised by the arrival of our new owners running out 3-0 winners.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Colchester 3 Charlton 3

Another tough away fixture, more sending offs, a really dopey referee and contender for (our) goal of the season!

I looked at both 'offences' on the football league show, and frankly thought they were both pretty harsh, and at worst were yellow cards.

I think looking back at both the Brighton and Colchester games, despite the disappointment of not getting more than two points, they would have helped the teams self belief and been character building. To come from behind three times showed great resilience, and being that strikers live off of confidence, that acrobatic wonder goal from Benson can only help him getting a good goalscoring run on the go.

Finally a quick last mention, good work Jason Puncheon!