Monday, 3 January 2011

Charlton v Swindon preview

To be honest something in me is still smarting from last seasons play off defeat. And I'm really hoping we play as well as we can and stuff Swindon today.

It will be interesting to see, on the day he meets his new bosses coupled with the selection problems up front, whether Parky plays it safe and goes with a standard formation or whether he decides to show Slater and Jiminez his tactical acumen and shuffles the pack and plays a formation that incorporates the best attacking options?

As far as I can see he has only really Abbott and Tuna as recognised forwards that it would seem are available. I'm kind of hoping that Sodje might be ready for a return, and play up top on his own. The only other possible option (other than Tuna and Abbott in a 442, pretty unsparing) would be to play 4411 with Kyle Reid playing behind Tuna providing ammunition for him. (this logic being based on the fact he's younger than Abbott and might have the legs to do this). But then to be fair what do I know anyway?

I'm going to go for a side galvanised by the arrival of our new owners running out 3-0 winners.

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