Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tottenham v Charlton preview

I'm not quite whether I'm looking forward to tomorrows third round game or not. It certainly evoking some mixed emotions in me. The first ever away game my Dad took me to was the corresponding fixture back in the 84-85 season. Coming not long after we had been taken over by The Sunley lot to stave of administration and a winding up order, who knows how close we had come to a repeat of this until New years day this season?

We went on the supporters club coach. I remember ( I'm pretty sure) at one nil down winning a penalty. And the marmite player that was Mark Aizlewood mugging the penalty but scooping up the rebound before poking it in to the net. To go from swearing at him to jumping up and down wildly celebrating in a microsecond is one of my earliest and defining memories of being a Charlton supporter. I also seem to remember that the general feeling was that we would turn them over back at the valley. Unfortunately the subsequent replay was postponed a couple of times due to snow, and by the time we played them we had seemed to have lost that momentum and lost two one.

Tomorrow will see, what for me regardless of the result what will be a highlight to the season, Peacock take charge. Even if we cause an upset I think the new manager should be in place by Monday.

One of Keiths strengths when he was assistant to Curbs was his great motevational skills, and he has always been known as a manager (at Gillingham and Maidstone) for playing attacking football on the ground.

It's a difficult one for Redknapp to prepare for. No homework his coaching staff might have done will bare any relevance, as we won't be set up as a 'Parky' type side. Keith will have the players well worked up, and willing to give a performance both for him, and to impress the incoming manager.

I've got a feeling that we'll be seeing an exciting open game, and will equally enjoy reading the reports opt this cup shock in Mondays Redtops.

Tottenham 1 Charlton 3

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