Saturday, 17 January 2015

Whoever gives out work permits...please DONT GIVE GUY ONE!

A dreadful week was capped of with a dreadful result. It's been a few years since we were on the wrong end of a five niller.

The thing that worries me is that from what I can gather Lozon took training this week, and Matthews and Roberts would maybe have been instructed as to what line up and tactics to play.

I'm sorry but the guy called Guy came across as a bit of a 'Tim nice but dim' to me in the press conference.

After much talk of Big Bob losing the dressing room, my big worry is will Guy even have it to lose in the first place? Some gossip suggests not!

Watford are a decent side - I will just about reserve judgment on Tim until I see us play first hand against Rotherham. But I firmly believe the board are going to end up with rather eggy faces after appointing Luzon.


  1. 30 years. It was December 1984 when we last lost 5-0 in the league.

  2. Bloody hell. Against Watford. I was in my fledgling days as an addick, we'd not left the valley yet, and if I remember we drew the home game three all, one Alan Curbishley embarrassingly netting the equaliser for Oxford in his own goal. Funnily the very next season we went up against all of the odd's. Don't see history repeating itself though I'm afraid. I think Luzons gonna be as shit as our clueless owner.