Saturday, 17 January 2015

Let's make some noise...

So. The trust continue to rather placidly dance with the club. Rick Everett, 'saviour' of Charlton carries on venting his spleen in a way that simply does not do justice to the younger man, who quite and undeniably played an instrumental pert in our return to the valley. The Royal Oak 89 or whatever they called themselves (or everyone else did) are conspicuous in their silence.

What do we do next? Optimism has now left me. The current board have shown themselves to be pretty naive and inept in the world of club ownership, unless you are the biggest club in your respective country already (ie. Liege) or with all due respect the foreign equivalent of a Isthmain League side (much of the rest of this godforsaken network).

In short, you may get the impression, I'm a tad pissed off. I'm pissed off with the players. Who it would seem have thrown their dummies. Which to some extent is fair enough. But Surley, still try and, turn up lads! Have you no pride? The current owners - more so. You are intelligent succesful people. There is no excuse, for either the embarrassment you have caused YOURSLEVES these last few days through your inept management skills.

I will be at The Valley for the Rotherham game. But I can promise something I've never really done in thirty years at the Valley, Selhurst and Upton Park. IF THE PLAYERS DO NOT STEP UP, I WILL BE VOCAL IN MY CONDEMNATION OF THIER ATTITUDE. IF THE OWNERS DO BOTHER TO TURN UP, I WILL RIDICULE THIER NAIVE AND CLUELESS INTERPRETATION OF US CHARLTON SUPPORTERS.

It' not about winning or even losing five nil, it's about your attitude. The Charlton support has the right attitude in abundance, it would seem now, the tarts that are playing for us don't (sorry no sympathy - you are sportsmen, and your pride alone should make you turn up) the board, are a bunch of Mickey Mouse idealists, bit like Mick Clegg before he ruined the Lib Dems! I will keep coming back for more, but do not expect me to keep paying for your posh food and not vocally critising what you are doing to our great and modest club.

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