Monday, 2 February 2015

18+ warning. One rude word crept into this post. But it's an honest appraisal of why RD HASN't got a Danny LaRue

So there we have it. A bit of patience and all will be well. The network will work through the development of young players. (At least now Bob Peeters has gone we don't have to hear the cringe inducing saying 'young gunsh' anymore.

Basically, I had a little Google around to try and find some more depth to the network of clubs, and came across the above pigeon English article above.

Now although the intent and idea of building a successful footballing networked empire via great youth academies is a pretty good one, I'm afraid Duchelet has missed a trick or twenty with his acquisitions. How on earth is a Charlton youth player going to develop by playing at Spain's equivalent of Welling United? (Why not just loan said youth player out to, say, Welling United?)

The most important flaw in the whole sharing caring youth development policy, particularly in Charlton's case, is the localised competition to pick up the best young raw talent around locally. See Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, QPR, Crystal Palace (how horrible is that) all way in front of Charlton in the desirable stakes. Then various other clubs have locally based academies, Barcelona and Norwich City (in Surrey) to name but two. You could then argue Brentford may soon be a more desirable opportunity for parents to send their kids to try out, Millwall even. Then you have the likes of Reading, Watford, Southampton. None a million miles away. The premier league academies swallow up young kids en mass, spit out the average ones and keep the very few cream of the crop. It happens. That's how they do it. It's a numbers game.

Unless we are a desirable option, we will only get the off casts. And to be honest as eager as they may be, very rarely these days does someone overlooked go on to be the next Messi!

The quality, history and heritage of the clubs within the network, Standard Liege and Charlton aside, may in some cases be long, but is hardly pedigree (sorry to those other clubs, so please don't take offence). Like I said before, what's the point of sending one of our Yoof to Alacron. They're not Barcelona, so what will they actually learn that they couldn't have at any other third or fourth tier English club? All they will get is lesser quality game time.

Games up Roland! You may have experienced some political success, and made some money out of astute business deals, but you know fuck all squared about football. You really DO NOT GET IT.

And before those 'we should get behind the team' merchants pitch in, I do. I did on Saturday, until we threw away three points just five minutes after winning them.

Holmes -Dennis has been recalled from his 'successful loan period, where he got lots of valuable game time'. And the word is no proper signings tonight, but a free agent being unveiled in the morning (Barnes or Hasselbank anyone? - no didn't think so) says to me, we are right and royally shafted due to our glorious owner not having a clue.

The new regime continues to be divisive , at a club where the unity of the supporters has seen us through thick and thin time and time again.

It's not about the hierarchy of how long you've been an Addick. Me, my Mum and Dad (rip) , daughters and son have all done time for the cause. Generally with little reward, but a smile on our faces.

Roland. Admit you were wrong (unfortunately, something tells me that's not in your DNA) and GO.

It's not Luzon we should be singing 'you don't know what your doing' at. What spoilt child would not take the opportunity to play with his latest toy so enthusiastically?

Personally, I don't think a mass boycott of attending games will either happen or work. But how about we all turn up with our hands firmly placed in our pockets. It' a midweek game, so none of us would have eaten having come straight from work. Don't buy a proper gander leaflet (sorry I meant programme)' don't buy HIS beer. (it's his beer, and any coinage of profit goes into his pocket). If you must have a beer before the game, use one of the local boozers, those that don't already anyway. Give a local your money.

And wait and have a kebab or curry or maccee dees on the way home, or on the way. Don't give the mad man any more than the entrance fee. Personally I think Rick Everitt should organise a mass picnic on the pitch before the game in protest, everyone eating their own pack up and soup purchased from anywhere that won't line Roland's coffers.

The knob.

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  1. Like it.
    This could be the way to go. There'll be many people who are unwilling to boycott games but most people would be prepared to refuse to buy programmes, beers and snacks from Roland's outlets.
    A small step but every journey needs that