Wednesday, 4 February 2015

At last! Now lets all stand up. Throughout the network.

So the blue touch paper has been lit. Rather surprisingly by the CAST, I don't mean that as any type of criticism, but to date, other than getting the ACV for The Valley they have been more of a modern day version of the old CASC.

And fair play to them. The response from Katrien Meire following their request for a meeting was both insulting to the 'customer base' and showed an complete lack of understanding of Charlton as a club and the ID of it's supporters and a more generalised complete naivety of the sport they are operating their anthropological (yes I stopped buying that bullshit line a while back) experiment in.

Football is a game based on tribal identities that is well over a hundred years old. And these mooks from Belgium just don't get it.

As for the public meeting. The bickering and sniping from peer to peer has already begun within our supporters. Here is an opportunity for the Trust to really step up to the plate, or get an face full of egg. My hope is for the former.

I for one will be as involved as possible in either getting our odd owners to piss off and buy a network of handball or European American Football Teams or to get them to wake up to and understand the beautiful game and it's supporters.

Food for thought. I know that Standard Lieges supporters have protested, shacking Roland's resolve, but ultimately he's still around like some evil mad puppet master. But what of the other network clubs?

If the mook really does still think his money means he can do exactly what he wants, and bugger what the tens and tens of thousands of supporters across the network feel (feel being the emotive word. Football to all proper supporters isn't a hobby, it's an addiction and a passion). What impact would a pan network coalition of disgruntled supporters do to his resolve? Apparently he did throw his dummy and wobble a touch when Lieges fans rioted inside the ground, but ultimately, carried on regardless.

I'm not saying for a minute we should smash our beloved Valley up. Let's face it.  Many of us played our small parts in getting us back from the wilderness and to our spiritual home.

The internet makes the world a small small place. If, as i'd imagine they are, a lot of the clubs in the networks supporters are as disgruntled as us, then why not try and reach out to their own mobilizers, every club has them. Whether it's those that organise 'meet ups' or sensible people such as the trust or Rick Everitt back in the other bad old days and organise some network wide synchronized protests. (Note I use the plural not the singular, it's gonna take more than one ra, ra, ra event to get this bloke to bugger off) .

How about it? I don't believe for one minute Roly will throw the towel in based on us Addicks saying we're not happy! He's already shown it by getting Katrien to fob us off.

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