Friday, 27 February 2015

Return of The King

Bit of a cheesy tag line I know, and before anyone says it, yes I have moved on.

But one thing that won't ever change is my admiration of Chris Powell as both a Charlton player and manager of legendary status.

However, a good win and performance tomorrow is still what expect. My hope is that Guy will view this game as an achievable three pointer and revert to playing players in their correct position, not repeating the 'FM2015' type of experiment of playing poor old Lawrie Wilson in central midfield. For a player who's game is based on confidence, something he's been lacking this season, Tuesday night can't have done him much good. In fact I'd be surprised if we see much more of Wilson this season, and more than likely nothing beyond that.

Looking at the form table over the last six games there really is very little to separate the two sides. Both with a goal difference of plus one, Huddersfield having lost just one less than the Addicks, which we drew, and both sides having won just two of the six.

If Sir Chris does still suffer from only really having a Plan A, and we play with the forceful tempo and doggedness that we displayed in our back to back wins then another three points towards mid table mediocrity (which I gladly take) should be a good bet.

However if The Terriers do turn up and turn us over, then the bumper crowd expected may once again turn on the team and the excellent results against Brentford and Wigan will become a long distant memory.

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