Saturday, 14 February 2015

Well I did't see that coming...

To say I'm happily confounded would be an understatement. I went to the game today completely expecting another defeat and based on Tuesday's performance a pretty bad one at that.

Brentford may have had their off the pitch problems this week, but they're not a bad side, and their manager would and did have the backing of his players today.

The problem they experienced was that too a man, Charlton turned up. I really cannot see what the difference was. Henderson looked confident in between the sticks. I actually really liked Relegation Roger on his debut. A good old fashioned uncultured stopper of a centre back. 'When in doubt, kick it out'.

Vetokele paired with Watt up front from the start gave us, finally, a real threat in the final third, that we've not seen for some time. Even Bulot, who spent most of this week being derided by the Charlton faithful over social media had a good solid game. Maybe he's a confidence player. He took his goal extremely cooly, all be it he did look a bit shocked that he'd actually scored once the celebration ensued following his excellent strike.

It's always been a roller coaster being a Charlton fan. And unusual to boot. But today has to go down as one of the most unexpected and surreal matches I can remember seeing down at The Valley.

Who knows what happened between Tuesday night and today? I'm pretty sure Luzon didn't suddenly find a way to inspire the players and drill both tactical nouse and confidence into them. Maybe the booing they got in the week, coupled with the general pasting they've been getting since galvanised them into getting their collective act together? I really don't know.

Three massive points won, Millwall losing helping further improve my mood.

Let's hope the players can move onwards and upwards from today and carry some positive momentum into the season run in.

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