Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Charlton Abjects 2 Norwich City 3

I've avoided reading any other match reports or comments on tonight's game, as I wanted to try and articulate how I saw the game without being influenced by others opinions.

It would be a lie to say we were unlucky, and made a spirited stab and coming back into the game in the second half. But I'll come back to that.

The first half, we were simply abysmal, abject in our intent and clueless in our tactics. We had the look of an incoherent bunch of players thrown together for the first time and told to 'go play football' as our pre match team talk.

Frankly it was as horrible as anything I've ever seen at The Valley since my first game in 1981. And we've had teams of technically lesser players, but even those had more grit and pride than this motley lot seem to have about them right now. Frustratingly, of the starting eleven, on their day none could be described as complete and utter dud's. Because we know they are not. Mind you if I turned up for work (which is doing a target based job where results reap rewards and failure brings the sack) showing such a lack of guile and determination I'd be on my way pretty sharpish.

However, in the players slight defence there really does not look like there is any leadership from the top. Which is never a good thing. The highlight of the evening for me was whilst Guy Luzon was doing his odd crouchy thing, the covered end started singing 'your not Mourinio...' (I think they may be onto something there).

I got the impression that most of the other Valley faithful could not wait to get the second half out of the way and get home without us having shipped too many more goals. As it was, there was a bit more intent about Charlton after half time. All be it still in a pretty clueless manner. And I have to admit, although surprised and ecstatic when we got back to two all, (With what looked like a phantom goal from where I was sitting) I was just waiting for that hammer blow third to come from City. Which it inevitably did.

To cap a dreadfully poor refereeing performance and further prolong our agony five minutes injury time was added on.

Once again I watched a bedraggled bunch of players troop off heads down, boo's ringing around the crowd.

I think us Addicks will begin to fall firmly into two camps, those who tough it out. I honestly think Douchebagelet will either realise and admit he's model is wrong for the sport of football or get bored and, trust me, he will sell up and bugger off. And those who throw in the towel and go and do something less frustrating and expensive instead.

Ps. Despite my growing hatred of the 'network', Dutchalet, and all of his puppets I'm in it for the long haul!

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