Friday, 25 March 2011

What price loyalty?

So the nineteen year old 'maybe' wonder kid looks like moving on to bigger and better reserve team football.

I'm not disappointed that he has aspirations (or misguided delusions of grandeur), just disappointed that in the few games he has aquitted himself so well for us he feels spending the next four years as an understudy several places down in the pecking order at Manchester or Islington, followed by being farmed out on loan back in the division he started in (a bit like our new boy from Spurs) is a good career move. I suppose the money for being a premiership prodigy/stiff must be better than a third tier first teamer.

To be fair, now Solly seems to be well on his way back and a more experienced and rounded option, perhaps he see's his first team chances as limited?

Once he's gone, I wish him luck. He'll need it to usurp those in front of him.

Ta ta Carl.

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