Friday, 18 March 2011

Daggers v Charlton Nil Preview

The outcome of Charlton games are fast becoming as easy as it is to predict how the UK will do in the Euro vision song contest these days. (IE. Nil Points!)

A daunting trip to Essex to play a team that are in a pretty decent run of form compared to our own current losing streak. Avoiding defeat in four out of the last six games and dragging themselves back up into contention to escape relegation Dagenham will be feeling confident with the home advantage and our now consistently poor form.

Benson is suspended so we can't rely on the old boy returning to score hoodoo that so often happens.

I really have no idea how we are going to get on tomorrow. A team lacking in belief and confidence against a team fighting for their lives in the division.  I'd really like to see Powell try something truly ambitious in his team selection and tactics and give us a sign of what may come next season once he has re built the side.

I hear there is a good chance of Ansyiah being back at last.  A player I think we have really missed. If so I'd like to see him a bwp up front.  In defence i have heard that Doherty is ready to come back.  To be honest I think Llera should keep the place he has fought so hard for when given his chance. And I'd quite like to see the improving Fortune alongside him again.

I'm not going to make a prediction of the score, I'm generally wrong, and I really can't see where our next win will be coming from. I hope we win. Come on you REDS !!!

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