Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Daggers 2 Charlton 1 plus Southampton preview

Two for the price of one! Well three infact.

Daggers 2 Charlton 1
We lost again. Chris Powell wore a  hat and a track suit.

Charlton v Southampton Preview
I am going and taking one of my kids to her first evening game. (Poor soul).  I really hope we don't get to see a Southampton goal fest at our expense and further embarrassment. 0-0.

There's been alot of talk about this being Charlton's worst ever team of players.  I had intended  trying to dispel this growing myth by like for like finding someone worst in each position. (Through memory not with any reference books). But actually found it in a lot of positions harder than anticipated. (A worry!)

I'm going to have to satisfy myself by singling out, periodically, the odd player who was truly woeful.

Funnily Bad Addicks #1
Ralph Milne

A massive signing for us at the time. The short fat guy had tasted European success with Dundee United and was very very highly rated.  I remember his debut at Selhurst.  It looked like Lennie had found himself a man short of a starting eleven ten minutes before the game and just grabbed the pot man from the local spit and sawdust pub.  It was like watching a rather immobile slug creeping up and down the wing.  The best bit was he didn't even have boots and was wearing a pair of trainers during the game.  This was followed by being in front of goal at Wembley, plenty of time to slip it past the Blackburn keeper, then skillfully turning on a sixpence and passing the ball out of the penalty area to Steve Gritt who had an army of Blackburn defenders between him and the goal. (This memory may be a bit inaccurate, as at the time I thought the Full Members Cup Final was as good as it was ever going to ge and was quite disctraught). Ironically Ralph went onto Man Utd via Bristol City and scored the winner in a one nil defeat of Charlton.

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