Friday, 4 March 2011

Charlton v Tranmere Preview

Post on post, I'm finding it difficult to find anything enthusiastic or different to say in game previews.

I don't know about anyone else but recently the cheer when we score to go in front never feels that genuine as I find myself just waiting for our eventual capitulation.

Right I must now try to be positive.  Sir Chris's team selection for this Saturdays home game, will I think be quite fascinating.  And he is being presenting with some interesting forced decisions.

In the defence, Doherty is injured (great news in my opinion as he has not been up to scratch in recent games).  The question is who comes in to partner Dailly?  Fortune did not look at all bothered when he came on as sub on Tuesday night, no passion and I got the impression he was 'going through the paces' and nothing more.  When Llera first joined the club I thought he did really well.  A few poor games and then he really seemed to fall out of favour, not actually getting a chance.  I'd quite like to see him given another go.  He can pass the ball, and provides a real aerial threat when he pushes up for set pieces.  I think Jenkinson deserves another go, other than being a bit of a slow starter and looking nervous early on in games. When he sets his mind to it he seems to have real potential.

The midfield offers the biggest question mark.  As a unit it has been so unaffective in joining up the play from back to front both defensively and creatively. Semedo and Jackson on good day work well in the centre and left respectively. The right and other central birth are real problems for us. McCormack, for all his charging around and grimacing isn't up to much, and both Reid and Wagstaff of late have been shadows of their former selves.  I don't know enough about some of our younger fringe prospects, but perhaps now is the time to take a chance on a couple of them?

We have two more loans aloud.  I really hope we see a good midfielder who can hold and distribute brought into the fray, and a twenty something central defender who has the speed and stamina that Dailly and Doherty (team saga) don't posses.

Oddly I'm not as concerned with our forward line. (Well not now Pawell's gone anyway).

Anysiha is a great player. (I know he's injured but should be back soon).  BWP can score goals, as can Benson, who is hard working and with confidence a decent striker in this division.

It will only take a couple of players to pull the team back together, and only one good (good, not lucky) win to reinstall the confidence and sense of team that has been lacking on and off all season.

I'm going for tomorrow as a new beginning. Charlton 3 Tranmere 0 (PLEASE!!!)

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