Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A fantastic 1-1 victory !!!

So a victorious one all home draw.

Unlike the last draw and the run of four wins last nights game actually gave me some hope. (This on the back of the much talked about 'personal' letter from Mr Slater.

What really struck me was the positive effect the incoming players have begun to make, the body language they all brought with them and tried to infect their team mates with.

Solly, Llearra, Perret, Beesone all seemed to want to take the night by the scruff of the neck and make sure no heads dropped and every one stayed on their game. And to be fair they really carried it off.  There was still some of the internal finger pointing from players when things were not going right during the game, but on the whole a massive improvement on anything I can remember for some time.  The trick will be building on this confidence and carrying it into the next couple of games and getting the six points needed to lift us away from the bottom half of the table and catapult us into the realms of also rans. (A place that I now will be more than happy with - providing we keep trying as hard as last night).

Worner did really well when called upon, Dailly looked up for it.  Despite getting constant barracking from my part of the stand, BWP did what he does. Poached a goal. But that's his game, he's obviously good at it and I say just as well!

Waggy unfortunately still seems a former shadow of himself and I think the time really has come for Ecclestone to get a run on the right.

All in all it was great to see some fight back in the side and a return to the old 'plucky charlton' of yesteryear.

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