Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Three games played, nine points dropped...

I don't want to be negative. I'm not going to be negative. But I am going to be (begrudgingly) honest.

We've seen four back to back wins (albeit riding our luck frequently) followed by four back to back defeats now. I've just got home from tonight's game against an, at best average, Carlisle side.

Several things have now become apparent.

Scotty Wagstaff is completely not comfortable playing up front. Carl Jenkinson will grow into a very good fullback. I can now see why Kyle Reid was 'let go' by Sheffield United (bad attitude and application when things doesn't come easily). Gary Doherty, whom i admire and had a goodish start to the season, is now to old and losing his defensive brain along with his legs. Christian Dailly shows none of the tenacity and 'growling' qualities he had back in the day when he was playing for Scotland.

Our midfield once again did not look in anyway solid. BWP may have chipped in with regular goals, but like Reid, his attitude when things aren't going our way, lacks that ability to role sleeves up and get on with it, without pouting and wiggling his head in a negative fashion. Ecclestone has bucket loads of potential, negated by his childish attitude (see BWP).

Unlike, the growing number, of teams that have come down to the Valley, and turned us over this season, we simply do not look threatening going forward. It's more a case of whose going to give the ball away, than here comes the goal!

And the most worrying, and i apologise for this, heartbreaking thing, is the management teams seemingly complete lack of 1. Confidence, 2. Cohesive/togetherness(Powell and Dyer at opposite ends of the dugout writing frantic notes on seperate bits of paper, not in the spirit of collaboration me thinks) 3.Idea of what to change if things aren't going our way (rather than what is becoming a bit of a sad theatrical posturing of  'I really do not understand why we are not three nil up yet?', 'i'd better unconvincingly kick something in frustration'.

There i've finally 'come out' and said it. On the face of it, blips aside, our average points, consistency, starting line up and formation were better under Parkinson.

The knee jerk decision of our new board to sack him and then replace him with an inexperienced Charlton legend (and whatever transpires, he will always be a legend), just to appease the fans because all the other 'mmm factor' appointments would had not come off, i think was perhaps a little indulgent and overstated in some cynical need to be accepted by the supporters.

Over decisive direct action (Parkinsons sacking) needs to be followed by decisive and positive action. (I really believe that Chris Powell can become a great manager, but perhaps he needs a bit more than Dyer as his assistant and Peacocks arm around him at half time). Get Peacock directly involved on the bench and in the coaching set up. If the board don't do anything then the reality is that we all will have to endure, at least, another season in the third division, shit football (i can suffer that if the shit players in questionactually apply themselves and try to earn their money, and shit ref's).

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