Tuesday, 26 January 2016

This definition succinctly sums up Charltons current ownership and their approach to 'customer' relations!...We o

...'News propaganda is a type of propaganda covertly packaged as credible news, but without sufficient transparencyconcerning the news item's source and the motivation behind its release. Transparency of the source is one parameter critical to distinguish between news propaganda and traditional news press releases and video news releases.
As with any propaganda, news propaganda may be spread for widely different reasons including governancepolitical or ideological motivations, partisan agendas, religious or ethnic reasons, and commercial or business motivations; their purposes are not always clear. News propaganda also can be motivated by national security reasons, especially in times of war or domestic upheaval.'
So over the past few weeks we've seen organised anti RD protests, supporters turning out in their numbers to very vocally condemn what's been going on at the club for the past two years, over zealous stewarding - from the video footage I've seen on social media, the winless run continuing, re-enforcements left out of the starting eleven, one possible decent signing (if the new centre backs performance was anything to go by), a forced meeting between two local mp's and 'senior members' of Charlton management team.
What we haven't seen is RD (no surprise there then!), not a peep from the usually talkative (often suffering from foot in mouth syndrome) Katrien, no official comment from the clubs owners regarding the current unrest, protests and/or growing media coverage and negative comments from well respected football media commenters.
One would have expected some kind of statement coming from within the club to counter what is becoming a growing movement against them and their credibility in the football industry.
What we have seen is an almost dictaourship like shift. Riot barriers around the entrance to the West Stand Reception. Supporters being ejected from the ground for having anti RD banners. Supporters being moved on for taking photo's on their smart phones.
It's all becoming more and more baffling. Surely they've worked out that things will only get worst away from the pitch as time goes by and they do nothing to appease their 'customer base'? At the very least I would have thought that thy would have tried their tried and tested trick of conducting a media interview with one of the tabloids again? Or, has then penny finally dropped? Do they realise that they have, through their own management style, got to the point of no credible return. Maybe, through shear bloody mindedness, a deal to sell the club will just be done as the transfer window shuts and they've just cashed in on what assets (players) they could at the eleventh hour.
Personally I'd actually rather spend a season watching Charlton in League One with sensible owners who understand English football than another season in The Championship with these muppets.


  1. What we'll get is League One and then League Two with these muppets. They just want to run the club on a shoestring budget, spending as little as possible on player's wages and therefore don't care what division we're in.

  2. Wish I shared your optimism re the current silence and a sale. I suspect rather that they realise the media spotlight is on them and that they can't peddle their half-truths/distortions without reply - and the reply would only make them look more foolish. I expect they will just keep quiet and hope it all goes away, which it won't.

  3. Just seen one of the now infamously funny club statements on the official site (wonder if Katrina a subscriber to my blog?). Once again shows a bit of a lack of media savvy. I wonder how long it will take to ban the lot of us?