Saturday, 16 January 2016

Second H-Bomb...

Charlton went one better than Tuesday night getting hammered six nil by Hull City.

The fact as admitted by our hapless owners is that managerial appointments aside the player recruitment in the summer was abysmal and the 'strengthening' this January so far has not been much better.

The very fact that Fox was brought on for Williams to improve our defence says it all. A youth striker whose not had a sniff of first team football off the bench for Vetokele laughable.

This administration do not know how to run a football club above and beyond lower league, where maybe, just maybe, the model works.

So let's face it, things will only ever get worse during their tenure. Hopefully it won't take long for us to see the back of them. Starting on Saturday. It's going to be an electric atmosphere I'm sure, and not for the football. Something in me is actually looking forward to it. Certainly not for the football and 'match day experience', more the chance to collectively really start to have a proper go at the idiotic pricks who are ru(i)nning OUR club.

And sorry Jose, appreciate what you managed last time round, but this second coming ain't gonna be pleasant for you or enhance your CV at all. You should have stayed at home mate.

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