Monday, 4 January 2016

Ever decreasing circles - They should be embarrassed with themselves

So our owners continue to happily lose face with more and more contradictions of their general management of the club and decisions.

Johnson ( who I actually quite liked) has returned. Even though he was not deemed good enough in the summer to be offered a contract extension, and ended up playing in the Indian Premier League.

Poyet who we let slip through our fingers (mainly so we could cash in on the compensation payment than end up paying a signing fee I'm guessing, such is the short sighted strategy of these Flemish twits) has returned. To be honest I've read some Addicks being quite derogatory about the lad, truth be told he wasn't offered a contract as far as I know. In which case who would blame him to go and sign a lucrative contract to play for a premier league side? Particularly when any mug could see at the time, as now, that our club has absolutely no direction, ambition or aspirations other than being a cash cow for RD and his lackeys.

Finally, the hat trick of backwards steps, a couple more poor results and Fraeye will officially be worst than Guy Luzon. What muppet was it that said with every management appointment we've improved/moved forward.

In the words of Nan 'what a bunch of mugs!'

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  1. They should be but won't be. Their behaviour and propensity to lie shows no bounds.

    Certainly they have acted fast on these two and we also someone who knows where the goal is. But the hammer has not dropped yet. Let's see how this cycle plays itself out.

    As for Powell coming back am not sure that will ever happen. Our wonderful CEO all but called him a liar at the meeting a couple of months back.