Monday, 28 December 2015

And we all stood up...

A shapeless insipid performance from the Addicks today with a backdrop of frustration and anger by the now too long suffering paying punters who have suffered the current regime for far too long now allow our great club to become a sanitised former figure of itself.

When the chant to stand up if you hate Roland rang out from the upper North it didn't take long for the entire Charlton crowd, north west and east, applauded by the Wolves contingent to do just that.

Today the result didn't actually matter that much. The nature of it, along with the breaking news that a consortium fronted by Peter Varney has been trying since October to set up a meeting with RD about investing in or buying the club and being continuously fobbed off, further fanning the feeling of discontent at The Valley.

The highlight of the game itself was Big Mac or whatever the useless lumps name is completely taking the ref out with a staggering/diving head butt.

We are deservedly second bottom, and I can see no reason why we will not become entrenched there or worse for the rest of the season and be saying hello to our friends down at The New Den come August next year.

What happens in the interim is of critical importance. We need sensible owners who understand football. We need a manager who understands football. And we need players who want to play football, for this club.

One good point from today, I'd lost my phone in Bartrams before the game. A big thanks to whoever was honest enough to hand it in to reception and the receptionist for tracking me down via my daughter who wasn't at the game before I got to my car and half way home. Cheers.

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