Saturday, 9 January 2016

Important test of our league one credentials...

So today's fa cup away day gives RD's squad and our interim manager a chance to see what they'll be up against in August once the league one season begins. (Sorry but regardless of what players come in this month, with numb nuts in charge there is, in my opinion, no other outcome waiting for us in May than relegation).

It will be interesting to see what weird and wonderful way Fraeye sets us up. I'm afraid with what I've heard about the guy over the last few days any small piece of sympathy I have for him has completely evaporated.

If we do lose, which is a distinct possibility, and he stays in charge we will see confirmation that the ridiculous owner and his pathetic lackeys (of which I include Murray now) are intent on staying to plan until our beloved Charlton disappears as we once new it.

There is an apparent season ticket holders boycott being held at the Blackburn game, I hope it takes place and is well supported. I will be supporting it and will not be inside the ground for the game.

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  1. Murray has managed to duck responsibility for 9 years of poor decisions, it's him who got rid of Curbs prematurely, appointed Dowie because of a personal vendetta, sold to the spivs saying they were the best thing to happen to the club, only for them to take us to the brink of bankruptcy and endorsed the Belgians. Why anyone has only just lost faith in Murray I don't know.


  2. I'd call it sentimentality and benefit of the doubt for the good years we experienced during our halcyon premier league days. I'm not even that bothered about getting back to the top flight, it would be just nice to have a proper club to support.

  3. Kap Varma. ...Spot on! Murray started the downward spiral. He has a lot to answer for.

  4. Kap Varma. ...Spot on! Murray started the downward spiral. He has a lot to answer for.

  5. I've always been aware of the obvious missdimeaners of Murray, he was however in part responsible for our purple patch in the early naughties. He did make some pretty big mistakes. The particular unbridgeable I have is how he is no longer his own man, just another of Duchalets stooges. A pretty long way to fall for someone who made the appointment of Dowie out of spite/one upmanship over the orange one.

    I wasn't making the point that the penny had only just dropped, just that his statement last week meant that any legacy he may have been able to profess to had gone.