Friday, 15 January 2016

Network cracks begin to show...c.a.r.d's time to turn the knife...

The absolute debacle of the last few days are not, I believe just the beginning of the revolution at Charlton, but the beginning of the end for Duchalets ill fated, naively thought out adventure in football.

The beginning of the end for RD was the moment he relented and sold The Mothership Standard Liege. Not because he has lost what was the biggest ship within his armada of European football clubs, but because it showed, he can give up, he will walk away, but only once he's cashed in and got his coin back. Given enough confrontation and failure - this guy does book out.

He published a book, back in the day, after he'd made his millions selling electrical components called (and this is the translated title) 'Joint stock company Belgium - a report to the shareholders' in which he pleaded for economic & political transparency. Now I don't know what Flemish political landscape was like back then, perhaps it was full of dreadful spin, half truths and poor choices being made by those governing (Sound familiar?) but hasn't dreadful spin, half truths and poor choices been the current boards currency?

He's even been involved in two very ideological but flawed attempts at a political career.

The guys an idealist, and perhaps his ego says to him he wants to prove he can achieve and be successful at something other and more anthropological than just making lots and lots of money selling electrical whizzygigs.

The fact that he got knocked back by not one, but two of his network managers (ex cronies), I guess because 1. They are actually doing okay where they are and 2. He, to use the preverbal cliche, 'has lost the dressing room', shows the cracks are getting bigger.

It will be interesting to see how those that said 'No!' fair under his employment in the ensuing weeks.

The panic must have been palpable at The Valley when he was told 'err..thanks but fuck off'

I honestly do not think it will be long, until we get our Charlton back, for better or for worst. The transfer embargo inflicted on Cardiff City leaving Tony Watts 2 million quid move on ice must have seen him sparking up a fag (let's be honest with those teeth he must be a forty a day man) and uttering whatever the Flemish is for 'FFS'.

The wheels are coming off Roland. Ha ha.

The Great British Media love this sort of story. And they have picked it up this week with great gusto. Let's be honest can anyone remember such sudden media exposure and interest across all forms of media in Charlton than we've seen for years?

It's now up to all of us to help drive this home. I was going to boycott the Blackburn game, it suited me twofold. Being my wedding anniversary I could score some brownie points and at the same time contribute to a boycotting protest. Win win. As it is my wonderful wife has agreed it's best I go to the game (we can have a takeaway in the evening) and join the protest.

Sorry Roland your times up!

I don't think we'll see much more of Pinocchio. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already back in Europe's ' capital '

Let's up the ante, up the protests, UP THE ADDICKS, and UP YOURS Roland.


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