Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sea of change is upon us...

So the sea's of change are finally upon us. Unsubstantiated reports that Danny Green will be leaving to find a new club come the summer, official confirmation that dear old Hughsey will be leaving for pastures new (despite the fact he didn't play that many games for the club is the latest addition to my very own 'favourite Addicks players' list).

Apparently Decisions on Riga's immediate future at the club are imminent. Let hope that if he goes then his replacement proves to be at the very least as much of a gent and competent man as Jose has been in his so far short tenure. Let's also hope that the incoming comes in soon enough to enable them to work with the board to re-build that squad suffiently so that at the very least we can compete in this division without the squeaky bum end to the season we all had to endure. I still remain confident that the new regime is far less 'sinister' than some seem to think. My opinion may change if we see a managerless club start to bring in playing staff.

The biggest and most confidence boosting news this week was that the planning permission for the new academy building has been given the thumbs up by The Royal Borough of Greenwich.

With a plethora of players contracts expiring in June, first teamers included I expect to see lots of news over the immediately ensuing weeks of players signing contracts, players leaving and some fresh faces incoming.

In short, I wouldn't expect it to be a quiet summer for Charlton bloggers.

Watch this space.

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