Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Another one bites the dust...

The close season seems to be taking one dissatisfying turn to the next.

The latest the official departure of Dorian Dervite, following hot on the heals for Hamer's announced exit.

According to sources the new manager is due to be announced and installed imminently. (The strong rumor being that it will be Bob Peeters - ex rubbish Millwall striker and very inexperienced manager of a lower division Flemish side.

The squad is beginning to look somewhat thread bare, and with Morrison and Poyet yet to sign on the dotted line could look even thinner in the next few days.

I still (somewhat foolishly I think) wait to see what sort of mix of players come into the side before I really well and truly throw my dummy (or not), but at the time of writing am beginning to become rather worried.

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