Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mission Accomplished...

It's taken me so long to post as I've only just recovered from chewing my fingernail down to my knuckles on Tuesday night.

What a night it was, typical Charlton. After the stick he'd taken over the past few games I was pleased and thought that it was fitting that young Callum got the brace that in effect keeps us in this division and i'm sure means we will see, after the lull of the past two close seasons, a flurry of activity during the summer.

Reading Roland's bit in the programme I still reserve judgement over the direction that the club is being driven in but initial thoughts are still quietly confident that we will not simply become a nursery/feeder team for Standard Liege.

From what he is saying he see's the importance of the academy and trying to achieve cat 1 status (whilst i don't really agree with this system whereby a club with a cat 1 academy can basically fleece the best players from clubs with Cat 2 and 3 status of their best young players - it's a system that's with us. And i'd rather we were the plunderers rather than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and dare I say even Fulham or Palace coming and nicking our young starlets.

He also mentioned that whilst there could be movement between network clubs, if the need to go outside the network to get the right specific player arises it will happen. (Although through shrewd dealings not breaking the bank).

What remains to be seen is who is at the helm. If it's not Riga (who I've actually grown to quite like) then I hope, as we all will, it's a sensible long term appointment. And not some European nut-job who does not understand the Championship. (Did you see the manic/maniac Watford 'Head Coach'? I watched him from the West Stand and half expected him to spontaneously explode at any given moment!)

So onto Saturday, a meaningless seaside away day of a fixture at Blackpool. I'm so pleased i'll be able to amble around Saturday lunchtime without a care in the world. Hopefully chuckling to myself as my phone updates tell me of a Kermogant hat trick.

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