Thursday, 22 May 2014

Full list of out of contract players being released announced...And Poyets not on it!

Reason for excitement. Perhaps?

It's either spin or there is a commitment to try and keep some of our better players whose contracts are up shortly. Most importantly Morrison and Poyet. (And perhaps even Dervite, as there's no official confirmation ANYWHERE that he has indeed signed for Bolton).

A torrid few days have seen rumors relating to players leaving and a new 'no mark' manager from Belguim. All supposition and unsubstantiated. I've been waiting to post until I actually see some firm news, but this announcement has me slightly excited.

If Poyet gets good advice and decides another season developing at Charlton would help him then i'd begin to err towards slightly less scared, if the other two were to sign on with us again i'd start becoming a bit optimistic.

According to the SLP there is a potential alternative to Bob Beevers (my Millwall season ticket holding best mate fell on the floor laughing when I told him Beevers may be our new manager).

I'm going to hang on and see what news filters out from the Valley before I start to make firmed up opinions about where we may be going.

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