Tuesday, 13 May 2014

News begins to filter from The Valley...

So news begins fo filter out of The Valley press office amongst other sources.

With three pre-season friendlies being announced in quick succession, none to challenging and all, two very local (the added value of two away games that I can definatley attend - i'll need to negotiate Pompey with Mrs Coops).

I wonder who has negotiated/agreed these games? I can only guess Murray has been rather involved, ensuring the tradditional Welling game goes ahead, and using his relationship with Varney to grab another local work out. Seeing as things stand we are currently head coach/managerless I can't see who else would be making such football decisions. (Bare in mind Riga's contract was only until the end of the season, so currently he's between jobs regardless of whether he gets the gig for another term or not, we are without a leader).

The board did state that they want playing personell sorted by the end of June. So I guess we'll have a better idea of how recruitment and squad decisions are made pretty soon. (ie. will the board put a bunch of players together and ask someone to coach them or vice versa?).

Sky reporting that Dervite is nearly a Bolton player is a bit alarming. I think the general concensus is that they have a much bigger payroll than us, therefore i can see why he may decide that it's the right move for him. Similar size club, set me up siging fee and a better salary. Riga was bigging him up towards the end of last season, and rightly so to some extent. I wonder what sort of offer, if any was tabled by the board for him?

I expect it, for better or worst, to be a busy few weeks news wise from The Club.

One thing that I do find a bit bemusing.

The board stated that once our Championship status was confirmed and the job in hand was done, they would engage in dialogue with the fans. (Either The Trust or The Royal Oak Group (or twelve angry men as I like to know them).

After all of the bluster following the takeover and subsequent sacking of Sir Chris both parties in this respect have gone rrather quiet! Surley now is the time they should be making the same sort of noise they were a monnth or so ago?

In the imortal word of that other football mentalist and perfect egg boiler Delia Smith 'where are ya, hic'

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