Friday, 26 September 2014

Super Big Bob Peeters...

The easy thing would be to predict a score draw for tomorrow's game. But there are so many things to factor in following Boro's excellent display in midweek against Liverpool.

Will they be fired up following such a fine display? Will they be tired? Will players be rested? I don't know. The now overused but entirely correct cliche that any team can beat any team in The Championship still seems to remain true.

It appears there is an entire army of 'he'll be found out soon...' Bob Peeters knockers waiting in the wings for us to finally lose a game. Maybe they'll get their bizarre wishes come true tommorow. There's no doubt now the Boro players have settled they are contenders.

Personally I think he's already been 'found out'! He's articulate, charming with a dry sense of humour, passionate about our team, honest and does seem to know a thing or two about how to play the game.

My thoughts are long may our 'fluke' of a run continue! Charlton 3 Boro 1

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