Saturday, 13 September 2014

Charlton win scintillating encounter...

Well the goalfest I'd predicted didn't appear, but it was an exciting and exhausting 96 minutes down in Se7 this afternoon.

Watford filled the away end and were very vocal. Their songs however are pretty boring and to say they lack rhythm, melody and imagination would be an understatement. Unlike the excellent North Stand who on ten minutes to accompany the round of applause the crowd gave (including the Watford en mass) as a mark of respect to the late David Whyte with the old David Whyte Whyte Whyte chant.

The game itself could not got off to a better start, with Vetokele being cynically taken out - Buyons converted the spot kick and it was very much game on. A real blood and guts affair.

The passing game Charlton play has certainly moved up a step since Sir Chris's tenure. I think this is due more to improved playing staff than completely the new coaching team. Although they have to take some plaudits for the way we seem to be able to see games out now.

Watford helped us, their finishing reminded me of our own lack in that department last season.

Solly seemed a bit out of sorts during the first half but improved after the break. I thought Bikey once again had a great game, coming close to scoring with a scissor kick.

Lawrie Wilson had yet another good game, once he got on as sub. 

If Charlton players had made some better choices when breaking through and the hapless Watford forwards could hit a barn door then it could well have been a big scoring game.

The ref, penalty decision aside, had a dreadful game, both sets of supporters were united in their condemnation of his inept performance.

All in all, another enjoyable afternoon down at The Valley.

Man of the match for me was Bikey. Although Vetokele and Buyons gave him a real run for his money. 

Tuesday night. Bring it on.

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