Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Takeover or Not

So all the talk of an early Christmas present didn't come to anything. The Dowie issue had been put to bed by way of an early settlement - which according to a lot of peoples opinions was the only real obstacle to overcome.

My guess is that whatever has wedged itself between the deal being signed sealed and delivered would depend upon the individual agenda of whoever the new investors are. And that's the big question, who are they, and besides their money, what exactly are they going to bring to the table!

The rumour mill keeps throwing up a certain Mr Wise (patron saint of taxi drivers) as having some kind of involvement. Lots of sightings of the little bloke at Sparrows Lane and The Valley. Personally, baring in mind one of the really rather rich Sainsburys family being rejected hands down, I would be surprised if Varney or Murray would entertain a takeover spearheaded by Dennis the Menace. Add to this the sightings. What can I say, the Loch Ness monster, ufo's and Big Foot are all spotted on a regular basis, but none have ever rocked up to say hello in person.

The other rumours it would seem are equally ludicrous; abramoviche's number two being spotted at The Valley with Varney,Sheikh hamed bin al hami - a rather rich middle eastern. And my favoured one, a group of three city investors, whose intention is to take a stable football club into the premiership, and sell on at a healthy profit. My guess is as good as Anyones!

I'll post back here with my thoughts once an announcement has been made.

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