Friday, 31 December 2010

Takeover completed...what next?

So there we have it. The announcement that we've all been waiting for.

Not a lot of meat on the bone, other than what the boardroom structure will be. The big plus I see at the moment, from the limited information available, is that Murray is still a director with Varney involved very much operationally.

From what I can gather the plan is one of sustainable growth rather than a mega let's throw money at things mentality. This should mean what was a clear certainty of administration will not happen this season and the club, with already a great infrastructure, can concentrate on moving forward on the pitch.

The big questions that I'm sure will be answered in the next few days are:

Will and how much funding will be made available in the transfer window?

If so, will it be Parky spending that money, or will the new owners have a n other in mind (perhaps Jiminez's mate Wise - I hope not).

No one can ever say it's boring being a Charlton supporter!

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