Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Brighton 1 Charlton 1

A penalty in the opening minutes. A sending off, and ten men equaling and holding on for a draw. I installed the 'wunder radio' app for my iPad and excitedly went about prepping tonights chilli con Carnie listening to the first half.

According to the excellent and honestly impartial radio Sussex commentary team we were pretty woeful in the first half, and despite the expected half time rocket from parkie and 'grunt' breaker at half time, continued in a similar vein in the second.

To be fair, and I appreciate that the old 'it's actually really difficult playing against ten men' will be wheeled out, this has to be seen as an opportunity missed. If we had ground out a result we would have been second and only a point behind Brighton. With a strong phycological boost to boot. As it is, on the upside, we are no further behind them than we started and are now third and level on points with Sheffield Wednesday.

I noticed earlier that the story of the takeover was on the home page of BBC football. With our position in the league, and Murray and Varney being quoted as saying we need a further 5 million quid to stave off administration (and we all know what comes with that), it's imperative that a deal is done and done quickly to keep things moving forward.

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