Tuesday 19 March 2013


...The fallout from Saturdays result continues unbounded.  The main points of discussion/argument/antagonistic's are many.

'We're rubbish, why can't we win at home', 'Where is the board...they won't talk to us/keep us informed','Should I renew my season ticket - why should I renew my season ticket to watch this tripe', 'is Powell the right man for the job, why can't he motivate the players anymore' and so it goes on and on and on.

Frankly I find it all a bit bemusing. Okay, unlike most modern football clubs, we were spoilt for the best part of twenty years by having a board who were on the whole genuine supporters of the club (regularly pumping their own money into the club just to keep it on an even keel) and could see that those supporters, the ones who had stuck with it through thick and thin were indeed the lifeblood of the club.  However much of those twenty years, and much of our clubs history to be honest, Charlton were at best a modestly sized club whose media tag 'plucky Charlton' was not undeserved.

Part of the problem,well documented, was the purple patch of seven years that we spent in the Premiership, being well run, plucky and punching above our weight quite often with some success. Curbs left, money, a lot of it, was invested both in trying to push on to the next level within the top flight and then trying to get back to the promised land of The Premiership. We all know what happened next.

For some reason there seem to be a lot of Charlton supporters out there who seem to think we are a big club who based on that seven year purple patch have a divine right to be playing up there with the real big boys and be watching 'total football' week in week out. For me much of my thirty years going to watch Charlton we've generally been looking down and wincing prior to releasing a sigh of relief rather than looking up in anticipation of inevitable great things.

Whether Sir Chris is the right man for the job at this level is certainly debatable, but what other options are there? As far as renewing season tickets is concerned, the supporters of this club - present, past and future will always be around, this current board for better or for worst won't. I've already renewed and purchased  my season ticket and will be back at The Valley in the summer looking forward to another season of potential misery and joy.

Stark reality is that we have two tough games coming up immediately after the international break. If we lose both of those (the first being a dreaded home match) the deficit between us and the bottom three could have been completely surpassed and we could find ourselves right in the thick of it. Alternatively we win both and are on 53 points and effectively based on my own predictions just one more win from guaranteed safety.

Small margins!

One things for sure, there are actually as I type this 57 teams in the NPower League worst off than us!

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