Monday 14 November 2016

Unsuprsing yet shocking all the same..m

So the inevitable has happened and Slade has gone, after just 16 games in charge.

A victim of indifferent performances and a very average start to the season. Now the regime can get back to the actual job in hand of further asset stripping the club that was once Charlton Athletic, taking them to the fourth tier of English football, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE CLUB'S F-ING HISTORY, and reducing the fan base to a sufficient level to maintain League Two football for years to come. What a bunch fuckwits.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Here's t the 1186...

1186 hardy souls turned up t cheer on the boys for the tie in the most ridiculous cup competition ever inflicted on football fans.

I actually managed to remember we were playing last night and lazily checked the half time and full time scores. When I saw the result I did expel a slightly manic laugh.

When you look at it the starting 11 held much of our main squad players rather worryingly.

With every bad result continuing our downwards spiral which began when the idiots took over in 2014 we also edge closer to the fourth tier and the Belguim lots ultimate departure.

I don't think anything can be done to stem this decline until they have gone. I just hope Varney  or Elliott can keep their respective financers interested in a League Two investment opportunity.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Sad days and unchartered territory for this particular Addick...

I'm really going to try and keep this brief.

Two things have happened in the past 24 hours that have shocked me to my core in footballing terms.

The first demonstrates how detached I have become from Charlton Athletic, something that has been such an important part of my life for decades.

I sat on the train this morning opened the sports pages of Metro and saw that we had played at home last night to Oldham Athletic. For the first time ever since supporting the Addicks back in 1980 I hadn't even realised we were playing.  I don't know whether to feel embarrassed, annoyed or resigned that the ridiculous regime and the way it has divided support and created a thoroughly unenjoyable and toxic atmosphere at homes games has finally left me completely apathetic towards my football club.

Back in the days before the internet my Saturdays when we were away from home and before my parents would allow me to go to away games consisted of a ritual of playing Subbuteo on our landing whilst simultaneously watching teletext for updates and listening to LBC for the latest match reports.

All rather shocking and leaving me feeling a touch lost.

The second is the 'interview' with this Dreisden character. (More of a rant really).

What a nutjob !!!

The lunatics have certainly taken over the asylum.

Friday 12 August 2016

Invasion of the Body Snatchers...(or the straw thats broke the camels back)

When I was a kid one of my favourite films was called 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. To cut a long story short none human invaders would grow a facsimile of you in what looked like a giant marrow, once fully grown they'd bump you (the original) and masquerade as you in your form but in a soulless nature until they completed their dastardly invasion plan.
So you could find your best friend, wife, lover or brother looked like they used to, but on the inside the soul was not the same - in fact they were entirely not the same person you once loved and new inside out.

Sound familiar?

Last season was difficult, attending the Valley with my family, using our season tickets, watching dross that although it looked like Charlton ie.  Same strip, same ground, same red red robin playing the lads out onto the pitch was just a shell of itself. A big red soulless thing.

I was going to approach this season on a pay as you play basis, not renewing, but equally not completely giving up on the Club.

But then today I saw this.


Charlton Athletic simply do not exist anymore.  Not the community club we all loved and fought so hard to keep alive so many times over the years.  That was plucky and punched above its weight numerous times.  Cited as 'the model club' frequently.

I will keep following our results and blogging my opinions (at least with no season ticket and no intention of visiting the ground whilst this bunch of knobheads are in charge they can neither cancel my season ticket or ban me from attending) but will not go and watch this imposter masquerade as Charlton Athletic.

I'm going to try out some of my local none league clubs and see which one I feel I have an affinity with.  At least until the inept opinion police piss off. (Sooner rather than later please you fuckwits!)

With that in mind, as a footnote and message to the board of the football club that was once Charlton Athletic 'YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING...'



Friday 5 August 2016

Another home grown talent sold off to line you know who's pockets...

I've written and not posted several pieces to try and get across how I feel about Charlton at the moment.  It's all so confusing.

One things for certain, we could definitely have better owners and a more sensible/competent CEO.

Worries about our inexperienced and paper thin squad were alleviated a touch with the signings of Rudd and Pearce - but then this morning the news Callum Harriott is off to Reading brings us backwards a few steps.

Harriott did really well in Riga's first spell in charge, was then deemed not good enough for the Championship and farmed out to Colchester for half a season.  Riga returns and then he's called back into the first team set up. He then was looking like a natural starter on the flank this season and ends up going to a Championship side (a division not too long ago he was deemed not good enough for) for another undisclosed fee.

I'm still agonising over whether to renew mine and my sons season tickets, the generation up from us has had enough and will not be renewing.  In fact Northampton at home will be their swan song, certainly until the Mad Flem's depart.

My issue is 'why should I let these idiots take away something that's been such a major part of my life since 1981?' But then I think to myself 'well they already have!'

As things stand I'll be buying tickets for the first two home league games and then see where I go from there.

As for my own expectations for the season ahead? I do not anticipate mediocrity. I honestly think it's on a knifes edge and we will simply sink or swim.

A promotion push may well see some supporters come back to the club, the downwards spiral carrying on it's current trajectory and we will see an even more self defeating toxic atmosphere at the Valley than we did even last season. And it was pretty unenjoyable, results aside.

Part of me still has that spark of excitement today on the eve of the new season. Wonder how long it will last?

Friday 15 July 2016

...Club lurches to yet another disastrous customer relations cock up...

Just seen the ticketing prices for match day purchases.

I've not renewed so this will apply to me. With the £5.50 handling charges it will cost me £34.50 to watch a League One match against the likes of Bury FC, my two kids a tenner and my oap Mum £21. So £65.50 in total just to get in. £1,703.00 for the season.  Last season we paid circa £850 for all four of us to watch Championship football. This time round  season tickets for my lot will cost £1,110. So we will be penalised by nearly 600 quid for not renewing the season tickets, two of which have been dutifully purchased, even whilst at Selhurst since 1980. Several words spring to mind. Extortion being one. Blackmail being the other. And the audacity to class any games as being 'gold' status is ridiculous. Millwall, Gillingham and Sheffield Utd! Really? Gold?

The club (or more likely Katrien) is playing a very dangerous game of poker with those who haven't renewed.

For those of us who have been supporting the Addicks with our purchases of season tickets, match day programmes and other items for decades making the decision NOT to renew and support the regime had actually been really difficult. And I have nearly faltered on numerous occasions.

Be wary StarPricks Holdings or whatever your called. This may well backfire. And the agonising and ongoing internal battle loyal supporters who have not yet renewed have been having with themselves may turn into complete apathy towards what the club has now become.  We may well see a swell in tickets and attendances at the likes of Welling Utd, Bromley and Dartford.

Monday 11 July 2016

Supporters Divided...

A comfortable 4-1 win at Welling Utd saw new boy Ajose score a hat trick, some low key protests and from what I've read on social media a continually going rift amongst some supporters.

The installation of a Russell Slade as Manager followed by some decent looking signings has been enough for some to call for cesation of hostilities towards the regime, for others this is no where near enough and they demand the protests continue.

For me it's all a bit more complicated and foggy than that.

I'm in no doubt that the current board view us (the supporters) as a bit dim and silly, and the fact they have changed their game plan is more to do with the necessity to stop the downward momentum that has been gathering at a pace over the last two seasons.

Having said this I'm not sure that disrupting every home game will do any of us any favours.

Personally I think the way forward, until we see some drastic re-structuring at board level, would be to boycott programmes and other official merchandise and catering products. Before and after match protests and saving in match disruption for the big games when we will get maximum publicity.

We don't need games such as the Northampton home game disrupted. I'm sure all will agree that despite being owned by The Rat we still want to see Charlton playing decent football and winning on the pitch.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Still not quite enough to re-new...

...That's the general Cooper Consensus at the moment.

The appointment of Slade an only be viewed as the most positive step taken by the current Charlton owners during their 2 and a half year tenure.

Unfortunately showing the usual lack of media savvy both Kat and Dicky put there feet well and truly in it. Yet Again!

Murrays 'poor me...blah blah blah...they called me names' self pitying and self indulgent whinge followed by Kats amazingly stupid statement about Varney's takeover bid include moving Charlton away from The Valley.  It will certainly be interesting to see the email trail mentioned by Varney who has threatened to publish them if no retraction is made within 48 hours.

Their actions meaning the season ticket re newel forms will stay firmly in the kitchen drawer.

What may guide a change in my thinking would be what happens during the preparation for the new season.  What players come in. Who leaves and who stays.

Slade is either a yes man or is self confident enough that he feels he can build success whilst managing his relationship and negotiations what he wants with the owner and his minions. Obviously I'm hoping for the latter.

Not sure what protests CARD have in store for the new season - my only concern would be that if they IF there has been a change in direction for the club and sensible decisions are beginning to take place any protests may well have a counter productive effect on the new look team climbing back up  the league.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Looking forward...

...It's been the best part of a month since my final rant of the 2015-2016 season, and despite nothing changing my mood has mellowed somewhat.  Not towards the regime so much, more that the events and outcomes of the various play offs have left me happy and seeing some eventual light at the end of this long dark tunnel we have endured.

First off, Palaces 'heartbreaking' defeat late in extra time having scored what twinkle toes Pardew seemed so self assured  would be the winner and project him into the legendary stratosphere he performed the most embarrassing example of Dad dancing I've ever seen.

Then, Miiiiiiil...(the only downside being we can kiss at least six points goodbye next season).

Finally, and most importantly was AFC Wimbledon achieving promotion beating fancied Plymouth Argyll in their play off final. A fine example of a club facing the ultimate adversity and bursting back to life thanks to it's loyal supporters.  A lesson to us all to persevere with the road ahead.

I'm not even going to moan about the none manager situation coupled with player acquisitions and back room appointments with no manager.  Come on, it's just what we should expect from the clueless ones.

I honestly believe, that after an exhaustive search, we will end up with one of the following:-

1. Another network numpty - step up that Hungarian fella.

2. An Englishman, but one who's already in the club so has not yet built up a reputation to lose, and is   a big enough Charlton fan to roll his sleeves up and try and help the club. (Not the regime).

So Nobby Viganovic or whatever his name is or Johnny Jackson it will be then.

Sunday 8 May 2016

Final words on the season that was 2015-2016 and a special word or two for the regime...

So two and a half years on since the arrogantly naive and stupid Phlegms rolled into town. And despite what these deluded idiots might try and say, because obviously in their minds anyone who actually understands and loves football (unlike them) is a complete imbecile, we have actually regressed since they took the helm.

They took over a mid table modest Championship side, who were struggling a touch, partly due to a lack of pre season player investment from the old regime, partly from the fact the awful pitch saw them having played FIVE games left than the rest of the division. (A potential fifteen points).

Attendances were averaging 16-18,000 real supporters actually in attendance.

Now, through their own folly and blind and deaf stupidity and pride, they have a third tier club with less than 10,000 (and dropping) supporters turning up to home games. Those that are still attending the Valley are mainly doing so to vocalise their upmost disgust and contempt for this regime. Their reputation amongst football supporters in large and the media is that of a dreadful laughing stock of a board running a much loved club into the ground needlessly.

What really sums up the utter inept, ignorance and stupidity of this bunch of wankers is the statement that was made when they took over that there were network players that could do as good a job as those stalwarts who were part of that spirited bunch who set League One alight and finished 9th in their first season in The Championship.

Let's take a quick look to make a point.

Dale Stephens (scored the equaliser yesterday against Middlesbrough for Brighton) - hopefully playing for Albion in the PL next term.

Yann Kermogant - promoted to the top flight with Bournemouth, played in the top flight at Bournemouth, will be playing for play off hopefuls Reading in The Championship next season.

Michael Morrison - came close to the play offs this term with Brum. Described by Gary Rowett as his best signing so far as a football manager.

Ben Hamer - unfortunately was kept out of the Leicester City side, only playing 8 games, due to the form of Kasper Schmecial. Oh and they won the Premier League as well, so not all that shameful for him.

I only get a few hundred read my posts on average as general, so am a small scale blogger in the grand scheme of things.


I won't be renewing (after 40 odd years of members of my family attending home games) until this lot are gone. I will join protests but it'll either be Welling United or Dartford that will be seeing my money come August. I may even get a decent pint and a proper pie.

You horrible, selfish, clueless wankers.

On a lighter note, wasn't the weather great today? Enjoy the summer. Roland and his lying lackeys out.

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Addicks exit The Championship with a whimper...

Another depressingly stupid club statement. This time with Kats name firmly accredited to it.

I don't need to re-iterate (although I will) most Addicks opinion that it's not the fact of relegation that so bothers, it's the nature of it and the fact that if the regime had planned properly, appointed the right personnel, and actually realised after TWO YEARS of their master plan consistently is failing that they don't know what they're doing.

We have two more home games and the outside hope that one of the three rumoured club take over consortium's actually a) exist and b) will be able to negotiate a price that suits both Roly and the next investors. (Lets be honest I'd be extremely surprised if any one is willing to pay £38 million quid).

If the intention is to stay on and further suck the spirit and character out of our great club then I won't be part of it.  The next two home games will be both poignant and emotional - and also my last attending the Valley until things change.

Over thirty years supporting Charlton, but I categorically will not renew and will not attend home games whilst this bunch of mugs remain in charge trying to milk CAFC of everything they can get.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Club continues its disgusting assault on its client base...

So RD and Katrien it would seem have well and truly thrown their gloves to one side and have decided to go toe to toe bare knuckle with Charlton's long suffering, loyal and generally helpfully proactive supporters.

They really should have looked into the rich history of the clubs supporters working hand in hand with the club against any adversary that has come Charlton's way over the years - that way we may all get somewhere together (rather than League Two or worst!)

The statement regarding a variety of 'criminal acts' that have been perpetrated by supporters over the recent protests is quite laughable. Sure no one wants violence at what is a family club, historically. But I've been to the West Stand Car Park protests and really have neither seen or heard anything that you don't get to hear chanted at any game across all four divisions. And objects being thrown onto the pitch? Blow up beach balls for fucks sake! Hardly going to take anyone's eye out is it?

The reality is they are smarting. Not just because of the adverse publicity caused during the Middleborough game on Sky. But also for the way they were stitched up and made to look stupid, not only by the excellent CARD protest at the sponsors training ground visit, but by the fact that 50% of the sponsors that did bother to take them up on their invite did so to complain and raise concerns about the way the club is being run.

I wouldn't actually be all that surprised if the clubs version of a meeting at New Scotland Yard was in fact a phone call from the club saying we want to press charges if anyone breaks the law, and the police said 'yes, if anyone breaks the law, we will fully support you and prosecute anyone that breaks the law'.

I have heard mention that if the ball ends up in the crowd we should simply not throw it back, just in case we get prosecuted.

What a load of old tosh and an absolute unneeded mess our club and this situation has become.

Three generations of Coopers will not be renewing season tickets. Regardless of any unlikely great escape from relegation this season. These people don't understand football (English or otherwise), Charlton Athletic Football Club (it's ethos across the years, history or anything it stands for) and more importantly it's fan base or clients.

We won't suddenly see a change in policy, all we will see is even lower standard foreign imports scouted via some strange online service delivering footballers who via normal routes simply would not be good enough to play English League Football. A soulless vehicle for these arrogant idiots flawed master plan.

Without wanting to sound melodramatic this is going to leave a gaping hole in my life, that's been so important for the last 35 odd years. Cheers for that Roly, you mug!

Pitch invasion anyone? (Oops, is mentioning those two words together tantamount to conspiracy?!!!)

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Wednesday 16 March 2016

What was he thinking...{...} ?..

I shot my bolt early yesterday. Posting about the ridiculous fans@ email address prior to the flabbergasting 'statement' on the official site.

I fully expected it to be exposed as another excellent hoax al la companies house resignation. But it would seem it wasn't!

Despite the fact it was both extremely disrespectful and ill thought out (not to mention dreadful English) in equal measure I can't help chuckling whilst visually imagising RD and KM drunkenly pissing themselves laughing laying side by side in bed in the Marriott Hotel Bexleyheath, pressing publish on their laptop.

The whole statement seemed so surreal in its uncontrolled angry way. A complete lack of any savvy. It really has served no purpose for the regime other than explode through out the media. From The Newsshopper through to the tabloids, broadsheets and Twitter. The regime were even the subject of TalkSports Daily Rant this afternoon.

Oh Roly, wtf? It was like the most sublime embarrassing drunken text message, manner from heaven for CARD and media alike.

Good luck to the regime. Now you have really lit the blue touch paper I have a feeling your going to need it {...}

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Tuesday 15 March 2016 as I like to call it...

I think may have been more apt. Or

So all is now good. A new email address with a new auto reply circled by plenty of disclaimers means the board and in particular our Ceo have listened and will now be engaging via this new medium with their valued fans. Yeah right.

If they really want to put their money where their mouths are here's a suggestion.

Stan Collymore, whether you like him or not (and I do), was the first media commentator to really pick up on what's been going on at our club some months ago. How about KM and RD signing up to a q & a session live on his show whilst hooked up to a Polygraph, a bit like talk sport meets Jeremy Kyle, just with the questions being supplied via the supporters trust and CARD and being put to the pair of them by Stan?

Come on Kat and Roly, how about it? After all I'm sure the pair of you have absolutely nothing to hide!

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Sunday 13 March 2016

Charlton prepare for Sky and day of protests

There are rumours abound plus confirmed actions taking place in SE7 today to welcome the Sky T V cameras to The Valley and show the footballing world just how pissed off we are and how useless the regime that stubbornly remain whilst unwanted are.

A 74th minute walk out, now well publicised, along with a funeral parade into the ground along with some mooted direct action will be witnessed and reported/commented on by two former Charlton greats presiding over proceedings for Sky in Sir Chris Powell and Scott Minto. (I will be sky plus sing it to enjoy once home.)

I fully expect defeat on the pitch but feel that if things are ramped up as promised in protest this could be the start of the long road out of SE7 for Duchalet and his ridiculous people.

It's going to be an interesting afternoon!

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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Can someone please tell Roland how to run a football club..properly!

With the exception of the two home games against Hull City and QPR this season has (he says stating the bleedin' obvious) been abysmal. In fact in my time, 35 years, the worst I've ever endured.

What makes all of this so much more frustrating is how utterly and completely unnecessary our predicament is.  No one needed to pay a kings ransom to actually assemble a squad capable of holding its own in this division. And when Harriott, the most attacking incisive player on the pitch was subbed, many in the ground could be forgiven for wondering whether the actual  target by the regime has all along been League One football?  This coupled with the persistence of playing Big Makionok over the excellent Lookman or Sanango just seems ludicrous.

Why sign a striker at this point of the season on loan who needs to build up his match fitness? What's the point with just ten games to play?

Last night when Harriott went off we lost all attacking intent.  Once Lookman came on, despite being continuously clattered by the MK Dons thugs we got some back.  But as has always been the case this season, too little too late.

Many say Milton Keynes are not a 'proper' football club, what Milton Keynes do have, is a proper manager, who has been allowed to recruit his own playing staff via the proper routes (not a computer stats scouting portal and you-tube video reels), who play for him with the proper attitude.

I think if we all ask ourselves we have known that we were doomed to relegation for some time, just the fact that other results had kept us in touching distance up until know kept some semblance of belief alive that something would click and things would improve.  They won't. That's not be being overly negative just entirely honest.

This lot running the club won't change their direction.  Their 'we know best' deluded attitude will I'm afraid see us drop even further down the league.  Maybe more so than we ever have before?

The current squad will struggle in League One and until the regime changes the only way is down.

Our only hope is someone finds a rich American (I understand they are big fans of regime change, and quite persuasive with it) who can get them out before the damage is irreparable.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Big Brother is Watching You...

It's been a while since I've posted, mainly due to the growing apathy and niggling belief that whatever we do it's not going to change anything with our current blinkered deluded owner, and his seemingly slowly becoming more and more bitter and twisted enemy of her 'customers' CEO Katrien.

The knee jerk reaction of the regime, who seem to be permanently monitoring any social media for enemy (customer) descent and reacting to it with an ever growing list of media own goals.

I do find it quite bemusing that it was only once the news broke on the Charlton Life Forum (the first place I saw the rumour backed up by evidence) of Katrien Meire's 'resignation' that the club made it's brief and stern announcement. Even though the resignation was posted on the 5th December last year. (I'm guessing once you resign as a director at companies house, even if it is on-line, you receive some form of notification to an official correspondence address?), it's only two months later that the director in question has discovered her resignation.

The BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail to name but a few have already run with the story.  And it further goes to install Charlton as the joke of the football league.

Once again I'll be at The Valley hoping for a performance, and look forward to whatever CARD announce at midday.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

This definition succinctly sums up Charltons current ownership and their approach to 'customer' relations!...We o

...'News propaganda is a type of propaganda covertly packaged as credible news, but without sufficient transparencyconcerning the news item's source and the motivation behind its release. Transparency of the source is one parameter critical to distinguish between news propaganda and traditional news press releases and video news releases.
As with any propaganda, news propaganda may be spread for widely different reasons including governancepolitical or ideological motivations, partisan agendas, religious or ethnic reasons, and commercial or business motivations; their purposes are not always clear. News propaganda also can be motivated by national security reasons, especially in times of war or domestic upheaval.'
So over the past few weeks we've seen organised anti RD protests, supporters turning out in their numbers to very vocally condemn what's been going on at the club for the past two years, over zealous stewarding - from the video footage I've seen on social media, the winless run continuing, re-enforcements left out of the starting eleven, one possible decent signing (if the new centre backs performance was anything to go by), a forced meeting between two local mp's and 'senior members' of Charlton management team.
What we haven't seen is RD (no surprise there then!), not a peep from the usually talkative (often suffering from foot in mouth syndrome) Katrien, no official comment from the clubs owners regarding the current unrest, protests and/or growing media coverage and negative comments from well respected football media commenters.
One would have expected some kind of statement coming from within the club to counter what is becoming a growing movement against them and their credibility in the football industry.
What we have seen is an almost dictaourship like shift. Riot barriers around the entrance to the West Stand Reception. Supporters being ejected from the ground for having anti RD banners. Supporters being moved on for taking photo's on their smart phones.
It's all becoming more and more baffling. Surely they've worked out that things will only get worst away from the pitch as time goes by and they do nothing to appease their 'customer base'? At the very least I would have thought that thy would have tried their tried and tested trick of conducting a media interview with one of the tabloids again? Or, has then penny finally dropped? Do they realise that they have, through their own management style, got to the point of no credible return. Maybe, through shear bloody mindedness, a deal to sell the club will just be done as the transfer window shuts and they've just cashed in on what assets (players) they could at the eleventh hour.
Personally I'd actually rather spend a season watching Charlton in League One with sensible owners who understand English football than another season in The Championship with these muppets.

Saturday 16 January 2016

Second H-Bomb...

Charlton went one better than Tuesday night getting hammered six nil by Hull City.

The fact as admitted by our hapless owners is that managerial appointments aside the player recruitment in the summer was abysmal and the 'strengthening' this January so far has not been much better.

The very fact that Fox was brought on for Williams to improve our defence says it all. A youth striker whose not had a sniff of first team football off the bench for Vetokele laughable.

This administration do not know how to run a football club above and beyond lower league, where maybe, just maybe, the model works.

So let's face it, things will only ever get worse during their tenure. Hopefully it won't take long for us to see the back of them. Starting on Saturday. It's going to be an electric atmosphere I'm sure, and not for the football. Something in me is actually looking forward to it. Certainly not for the football and 'match day experience', more the chance to collectively really start to have a proper go at the idiotic pricks who are ru(i)nning OUR club.

And sorry Jose, appreciate what you managed last time round, but this second coming ain't gonna be pleasant for you or enhance your CV at all. You should have stayed at home mate.

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Friday 15 January 2016

Network cracks begin to show...c.a.r.d's time to turn the knife...

The absolute debacle of the last few days are not, I believe just the beginning of the revolution at Charlton, but the beginning of the end for Duchalets ill fated, naively thought out adventure in football.

The beginning of the end for RD was the moment he relented and sold The Mothership Standard Liege. Not because he has lost what was the biggest ship within his armada of European football clubs, but because it showed, he can give up, he will walk away, but only once he's cashed in and got his coin back. Given enough confrontation and failure - this guy does book out.

He published a book, back in the day, after he'd made his millions selling electrical components called (and this is the translated title) 'Joint stock company Belgium - a report to the shareholders' in which he pleaded for economic & political transparency. Now I don't know what Flemish political landscape was like back then, perhaps it was full of dreadful spin, half truths and poor choices being made by those governing (Sound familiar?) but hasn't dreadful spin, half truths and poor choices been the current boards currency?

He's even been involved in two very ideological but flawed attempts at a political career.

The guys an idealist, and perhaps his ego says to him he wants to prove he can achieve and be successful at something other and more anthropological than just making lots and lots of money selling electrical whizzygigs.

The fact that he got knocked back by not one, but two of his network managers (ex cronies), I guess because 1. They are actually doing okay where they are and 2. He, to use the preverbal cliche, 'has lost the dressing room', shows the cracks are getting bigger.

It will be interesting to see how those that said 'No!' fair under his employment in the ensuing weeks.

The panic must have been palpable at The Valley when he was told 'err..thanks but fuck off'

I honestly do not think it will be long, until we get our Charlton back, for better or for worst. The transfer embargo inflicted on Cardiff City leaving Tony Watts 2 million quid move on ice must have seen him sparking up a fag (let's be honest with those teeth he must be a forty a day man) and uttering whatever the Flemish is for 'FFS'.

The wheels are coming off Roland. Ha ha.

The Great British Media love this sort of story. And they have picked it up this week with great gusto. Let's be honest can anyone remember such sudden media exposure and interest across all forms of media in Charlton than we've seen for years?

It's now up to all of us to help drive this home. I was going to boycott the Blackburn game, it suited me twofold. Being my wedding anniversary I could score some brownie points and at the same time contribute to a boycotting protest. Win win. As it is my wonderful wife has agreed it's best I go to the game (we can have a takeaway in the evening) and join the protest.

Sorry Roland your times up!

I don't think we'll see much more of Pinocchio. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already back in Europe's ' capital '

Let's up the ante, up the protests, UP THE ADDICKS, and UP YOURS Roland.


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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Roland Delusional and Katrien Mare it really is time to go...

Or turn the lights out on the way out.. Because you'll be the last to leave the building.

Surely after another second rate performance by what on the face of it are sub standard or poorly coached players the penny HAS to drop.

If your not going Roland, you deluded, precious prat who is in complete self denial that you've not got the football in England thing so wrong, then surely change the bloody model, own the club and let a proper football manager run it from top to bottom. (A bit like Alan Curbishley was allowed to do and subsequently reigned over the most successful and stable period in our clubs history).

I beg you, do the right thing, admit your wrong and change things or just piss off!

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Saturday 9 January 2016

Hold the back page... Kamel chats shit..for a change

more excuses from our inept tosser of an 'interim' manager for a change. This time, apparently it's shit defending that let us down. Oh well Karel, you knob, you brought them in. Just so lucky you brought back Relegation Roger.

Annoyingly unsurprising fa cup result will result in what?...

So as many predicted we were swept aside by lowly League One Colchester United. Not only lowly (23rd in fact) but bottom of the third tier form table.

This is the moment that the idiot owner and ceo's resolve will be sorely tested. How by any stretch of the imagination they can continue with 'interim' manager Fraeye is anyone's guess.

It was not a weakened side sent out this afternoon, every player to a man would have pretensions of being a possible first team regular. Maybe if our ridiculous management team and board had any sense they would have done a 'Liverpool' and given our successful under 21 team a run out?

Surely today will prove the pivotal moment in both our fight against these twats running our beloved club (into the ground) and their tenure itself.

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Important test of our league one credentials...

So today's fa cup away day gives RD's squad and our interim manager a chance to see what they'll be up against in August once the league one season begins. (Sorry but regardless of what players come in this month, with numb nuts in charge there is, in my opinion, no other outcome waiting for us in May than relegation).

It will be interesting to see what weird and wonderful way Fraeye sets us up. I'm afraid with what I've heard about the guy over the last few days any small piece of sympathy I have for him has completely evaporated.

If we do lose, which is a distinct possibility, and he stays in charge we will see confirmation that the ridiculous owner and his pathetic lackeys (of which I include Murray now) are intent on staying to plan until our beloved Charlton disappears as we once new it.

There is an apparent season ticket holders boycott being held at the Blackburn game, I hope it takes place and is well supported. I will be supporting it and will not be inside the ground for the game.

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Thursday 7 January 2016

The three stooges ride again...

I was surprised not see to much of a lash back on various other blogs following the rent a quote exclusive club website interview with club none executive board member Richard Murray.

I'm sure anyone who bothers to look at my blog has already read the clubs official reaction on the official site to our protests, it was trying to explain the direction they want to take the club. But it's below for you to laugh at/cry over (delete where applicable).

It is actually even less informative, useless and insulting than the dreaded PowerPoint.

To be honest I am absolutely aghast at it. What a waste of bloody time? All it tells us is that they are quite deluded and have no problem making things up and sticking to there twisted truths.

A man I know who was a serial adulterer once gave me this advice 'if you continuously deny any allegation then eventually not only do you become so convincing you even convince yourself of your own bullshit and subsequently your accuser gives up and leaves you alone'. I wonder if the three stooges running our club have met my old mate Kevin. (Who incidentally is now divorced and living in a bedsit in Hitchin).

The continued open disregard for the supporters (I'm not going to call myself a customer - customers often walk away when the product they buy is shit. Football supporters don't. They carry on regardless in the knowledge that the natural cycle means things won't stay shit forever) is just so frustrating.

I'm beginning to wonder whether they are actually deluded rather than calculating. Either way they are now showing that they are obviously quite stupid.

I had intended to sub the below articles answers with my own parodying the interview. I couldn't bring much humour to this excercise, instead I kept coming up with the sort of vitriol that could get me in trouble.

What next I ask? The ante certainly needs stepping up in further in the protest stakes. Step forward Sir Rick.

'Richard Murray discusses the challenges of this season, addresses errors made by the ownership and details the long-term commitment to progress
In a wide-ranging interview, Richard Murray, Non-Executive Chairman of Charlton Athletic, speaks to about the challenges of this season in the Championship and how the board will not gamble with the future of the club. He candidly addresses errors made by the ownership but details the long-term commitment to progress.

Question: Richard, what is the strategy for Charlton Athletic?

Richard Murray: “Our strategy for Charlton Athletic is that we are a financially stable club, who can be competitive in the Championship, but has Premier League ambitions.

“Through Roland Duchatelet’s backing we have become financially stable. The second two elements are a bigger challenge.”

Q: Why is it a challenge to stay competitive in the Championship and reach the Premier League?

RM: “These are difficult and interesting times in football. The Premier League has got much richer since we were last in it nine years ago and it will see stratospheric wealth next season.

“The Championship is one of the most difficult leagues in world football to operate in. There are three clubs a season who come down with their sizeable parachute cash and several others who have owners willing to gamble heavily to reach it. The problem is that not everybody can win.”

Q: Shouldn’t all clubs aspire to be in the Premier League?

RM: “They should, but they also shouldn’t gamble with their future. If you look around the Championship just now there are clubs in danger of administration, several with triple figure debts, others falling foul of the Financial Fair Play regulations and subject to transfer embargoes.

“I fear that if this gambling continues then there will be more clubs at risk. I don’t think we should be gambling with the future of Charlton Athletic again. It’s only two years since Roland stepped in to rescue the club. His philosophy is that we should try and keep our losses to a reasonable level.

“That ensures Charlton Athletic will be here in the future as a football club and that we continue to be a hub of the community. I’m not sure every club in this league can say that right now.”

Q: What does keeping losses reasonable mean?

RM: “It means keeping a handle on your outgoings, and in particular your biggest one, which is player transfers and wages.

“Roland’s strategy is to have a mix of academy-produced players, young overseas talent with some experienced British players. As a long-term strategy I think that’s a good one because you have to look at your wage bill, especially if you are going to charge reasonable prices to get in.

“However, I think it’s fair to say – and he admits this – that he has underestimated the challenges of the Championship.”

Q: Can you detail what has been underestimated?

Q: “We have put a little too much faith in our overseas players to suddenly come in and play 46 games a year.

“This is a very competitive league where the games come thick and fast. If you look at many of the overseas purchases we’ve made historically, they have not played a lot of games. Even in the Premier League you find many of the overseas players take a year before they become accustomed to the British way.

“I think we underestimated how long it would take them to get used to the Championship. Hopefully the players brought in this year from overseas will be even better next year but it’s clear there hasn’t been the right balance this season.”

Q: Was this not something that should have been identified in the summer?

RM: “It could have been better but you also can’t legislate for injuries to some of our key players like Stephen Henderson, Igor Vetokele and Ahmed Kashi.
“That, added to the squad imbalance, gave us a problem in December in particular. People can see that the players are trying their hardest but we are probably falling just a bit short.”

Q: What would you say is missing and what can be done now?

RM: “The obvious strand missing has been the number of experienced Championship players. The first time we have been able to address this is the January transfer window. Of the two transfer windows it’s the trickier one because everyone is looking for players who can make a difference.

“But we have acted quickly and got in players like Roger Johnson, Diego Poyet and Rhys Williams, all of whom have a lot of Championship experience.

“I’m pleased something has been done because when we were in this situation in 2009 we didn’t have any money to add two or three new players.”

Q: What difference do you hope the new signings will have?

RM: “It’s amazing what new signings do. Players look around and see there is some new blood here to help.

“You have to keep spirits high because this is a game of confidence and I’ve been impressed by the attitude of coaching team in doing that. Now it is about hoping that the players are good enough and believing it will turn. I believe it will turn.”

Q: What role do fans have to play between now and the end of the season?

RM: “A vital one. Patently there are some supporters who don’t like the ownership, but what I have been pleased about is that the fans have got behind the players during the 90 minutes.

“Good performance or not, the players really appreciate the fans getting behind them. If anyone wants to express negativity, the time to do is after the final whistle, not during it. On the whole I think the Charlton fans have been very good in that area."

Q: Are there other areas you think the club needs to improve?

RM: “I think we need to communicate with supporters better. The Board accepts it’s not been as good as it could and they are taking a number of steps to improve that.
“But it’s important to realise that no football club gets all things right. Under the Iain Dowie and Alan Pardew eras we spent a lot of money on transfers and many of them either didn’t work out. All clubs have their issues that they must address, we all know that, but it’s very easy with hindsight.

“Equally, by being financially prudent, we’re not in the situation where we have to sell a player to pay the wages next week. I’ve been in that situation before with Charlton Athletic when I was one of the owners, and that was also the case with the previous regime.”

Q: How do you respond to those who say the owner does not care for the long term of the club?

RM: “No owner wants to run down a football club, it defies logic. What I know has happened is that there has been a 40% increase in the player budget, our players are on longer-term contracts, he has invested £2.5m to improve a stadium in need of renovation and made a multi-million investment in the academy’s facilities. These things could have been done before but weren’t. I know he is committed to the long-term future of this club and is determined to see that through.

“We also have very affordable ticket prices. I still get questioned by other clubs how a London club can be charging £34 for a family of four to come. The main reason is because our own owner subsidises the club. He wants to get as many families, as many youngsters as possible so that we have an ongoing supporter base which will support us in the future when Roland, myself and others are long gone from this football club.”

Q: How important is it for Charlton Athletic at the heart of the community?

RM: “We are proud of our reputation as a family club and the tremendous work the Trust do within the community.

“The Community Trust has just had another award-winning year. The depth and breadth of their work in the Royal Borough of Greenwich is amazing. There are 26 different community partners using the Youth Hub at The Valley alone, so we truly are a hub of the community.

“Add to that the tens of thousands of people they support in the areas of social inclusion, education, health, equality and diversity, it’s clear that Charlton Athletic are an amazing community asset.

“For families, we do everything to ensure that they feel welcome. Facilities, atmosphere and pricing are what families are looking for and with the introduction of the Family Stand, the creation of the Family Activity Zone on matchdays and affordable tickets means that we’re ticking most of the boxes.

“But you also can’t get away from the fact that families want to see a winning team as much as anyone else.

“So we need those new players to perform, players to come back from injury and, as I know from being in football for 25 years, you need a little bit of good fortune. Everyone at the club is working hard to make the second half of the season a better one.”

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Monday 4 January 2016

Ever decreasing circles - They should be embarrassed with themselves

So our owners continue to happily lose face with more and more contradictions of their general management of the club and decisions.

Johnson ( who I actually quite liked) has returned. Even though he was not deemed good enough in the summer to be offered a contract extension, and ended up playing in the Indian Premier League.

Poyet who we let slip through our fingers (mainly so we could cash in on the compensation payment than end up paying a signing fee I'm guessing, such is the short sighted strategy of these Flemish twits) has returned. To be honest I've read some Addicks being quite derogatory about the lad, truth be told he wasn't offered a contract as far as I know. In which case who would blame him to go and sign a lucrative contract to play for a premier league side? Particularly when any mug could see at the time, as now, that our club has absolutely no direction, ambition or aspirations other than being a cash cow for RD and his lackeys.

Finally, the hat trick of backwards steps, a couple more poor results and Fraeye will officially be worst than Guy Luzon. What muppet was it that said with every management appointment we've improved/moved forward.

In the words of Nan 'what a bunch of mugs!'

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