Thursday 23 July 2020

Lets spam the EFL!

So another season over.  Probably the weirdest one in all of my 40 odd years supporting the club.

Three different owners over the course of the season!

The season halted by the Covid lock down. (Don't even get me started on Covid).

The season re-started but behind closed doors.

One and a half Charlton legends declining to come back and honor their contracts of employment (I wonder what my boss would have said to me if i'd said 'Sorry Daren i'm not going to come to work on a temporary 20% pay reduction, even if it does help the firm, save jobs and is the right thing to do?)'

The social media image of what looked like a kids sleep over picnic accompanied by something along the line of 'hankering down for transfer deadline day - it's gonna be a long night'. Sure it is Matt, cos you'll be sitting there doing fuck all squared anyway.

The revelation that we were and still are on a transfer embargo.

Nimar and Southall (the pair of arseholes, only less useful) having a very public spat on social media.

The EFL's complete ineptitude. I've met a lot of useless twats over the years.  But this lot really take the biscuit.

MP's have written to them.  CAST have been in touch.  But absolutely nothing back.

Us Charlton supporters are pretty good at taking on the establishment.  The link below is the only way for any supporter to contact the EFL (apparently this is due to the Corona virus).

Just a suggestion, why not everybody use the contact box to send the EFL a message.

Subject: Have the EFL actually pass the 'fit for purpose' test themselves?

Query:  When are you lot going to pull your fingers out of your bums and either pass the current takeover of Charlton Athletic or put out a press release or respond to the two MP's who have written to you or the CAST explaining what the problem and delay is?

Lets Spam the EFL!

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Oh Fluffy Dogs!!!

I've not posted for such a long time.  If i'm honest I was still enjoying the hangover from the Play Off Final and great football we were seeing at the start of the season.  Even when the injuries began to pile up and Gallagher was recalled I was still full of optimism of the fact we could at least scrape a fourth from bottom finish.  And after all we then had the team rebuild to look forward to in the Summer! Right?

Wrong it would seem.  What an absolute mess.  There have been doomsayers dotted about pretty much from the start of the takeover (if we have indeed we have been taken over - i'm that confused).  Me i'm a bit of a perpetual optimist so ignored these, and the lack of business in January (which really should have got the alarm bells ringing).

If Nimer has pulled the plug one wonders how much is in the kitty to keep the boat afloat?  My guess is that if Southall does not find investment from somewhere else then Administration and all that comes with it, including points deducted is on the horizon.

Be interesting to see what Bowyers take is on it all and what happens next.

What a load of old crap.