Saturday 28 November 2015

Two Percenters...

It's all a bit surreal down at the Valley these days. Confusing as well. On the one hand I don't know whether I actually want us to win again and give the current dictatorship the opportunity to say 'look we were right...again!' (Deluded bunch that they are). But on the other hand, it's not Karols fault he got offered the 'opportunity of a life time', and I do prefer to see us play with spirit and win games. And let's be honest, does anyone really want to see our great club back in League One?

The 2% campaign began last night with some online stuff (considering I blog as a hobby I really am a Luddite when it comes to most forms of social media) and I'm sure it was a very useful excercise.

I really hope today that the Charlton faithfull, who have been uncharacteristicuarly divided for some time, pull together in front of the Sky Cameras and hold up their black and white 2% signs as a collective on 2 minutes. Just imagine how embarrassing it would look if, well say only two per cent of the stadium participated.

Stop Press!

I started writing this before today's familiar capitulation against yet another vastly more experienced Championship side.

To be honest the two per cent post title could still be applied. To the atmosphere (or lack of it) in the home ends for much of the game. To the level of commitment from several of the Charlton players. To give Big Mac a 2% for effort today would be generous. Jackson coming off so early was a major blow. Ve Tez (can we please start signing some players with basic easy to pronounce and say names soon?)  looked lively and did actually make us look a little more dangerous up front. My heart went out to Lookman, a great prospect but the current situation can't be doing much for his confidence or prospects of developing to his full potential.

Mick McArthy is a seasoned campaigner, he would have looked at how we performed and won our last two games with a midfield diamond and set his own teams shape and tactics up to nullify and combat that. And it worked. That's because he is an extremely EXPERIENCED Championship manager, he knows how to get the best out of his players and when he needs to tweak things.

I didn't make the game today, having to do the usual ferrying around of children to scouts, football, training and rainbows that all gets crammed into the morning but allows me to get to the Valley in time for my 1.30 pint and pre match rituals.

For those that did Katriens sneering face was a picture when the sky cameras panned to it when the two per cent posters were held up in the second minute. I've finally decided. I'm not a fan of hers, I believe she thinks we are all a bunch of stupid plebs.

Reality is that the current owners need to admit they are wrong and we and the growing media commentators (it's was good to see the situation discussed live and seriously by the Sky pundits as the backdrop to the game) are right. If they want to have any kind of stability or success in the UK branch of their footballing experiment they need to recruit from outside the network and for all thing football related set a budget and take a back seat, allowing someone with the right experience to do the job properly and give us a fighting chance of not sliding down the football pyramid due to our deluded owners naevity.

Saturday 21 November 2015

Tough test for 'Fraeyes' Addicks ahead...

After the latest revealing interview (see Michael Morrison in the SLP) further undermining Katrien Meires credibility, I've almost resigned myself to carrying on regardless with my support of CAFC, as I have done through near winding up orders, Selhurst Park and the third division (durning several era's).

However, I will still moan, and hopefully wait for the incumbent owners to move on and see what type of nut job we get next.

I have no doubts that had Michael Morrison got the chance he deserved in Peeters Charlton side then he would either still be at the club and jockeying Jonnie Jackson for legend status or we'd have cashed in and he'd be playing for a half decent premier league club. Something he may well end up doing with Birmingham anyway if they stick to their current trajectory.

Today will be a tough test for our players and also for the level of bullshit our owners can come out with, if as I suspect, we get absolutely trounced up at St Andrews. This is not me being overly pessimistic or negative, just realistic. Although I was proven to be wrong against Wednesday prior to the international break.

Interestingly Lennon and Ansah have been recalled from their loan spells. This screams to me that due to our skinny squad we need to find bodies to fill up ur subs bench.

Our only hope is that the revelation that was our performance in the last home game was Jason Euell inspired and he can create the same effect today.

I'm afraid that we will lose today though, lose bad, and will wait with baited breath to see what toffee Katrien comes up with to support the continuation of Karels 'interim contract'.

I have been wrong before, so here's hoping.

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Saturday 7 November 2015

The minutes silence for remembrance Sunday always make a shiver run down my spine. With the exception of some dickheads behind the Jimmy Seed Stand it was perfectly observed.

The media in general seems to be having its collective ears pricked up regarding the current unrest amongst the Addicks loyal supporters.

Apparently, according to Sky, the pre match team talk was delivered by a sergeant from Woolwich barracks. Perhaps he should be installed as our full time manager?

Onto the game. I certainly didn't see that result or performance coming! Did you? Wednesday really were never at the races. Charlton played a tight diamond formation, pressed upfield, never playing deep - which had become a problem under Luzons stewardship. I laughed out loud when the covered end began singing 'Jason Euells Red and White army'.

Unfortunately we now have an international break to put the scuppers on any momentum we may have gained on the back of this result.

Interestingly I felt Big Mac and Rezza actually gave us some goal threat up top. And I have to admit, I was aghast on Tuesday night when I saw the very young Lookman came on. However he looked like areal prospect. Cocky and confident with the ball at his feet, looking for the pass from his teammates and running towards goal. A real prospect. (I wonder how long until we sell him to Liverpool on the cheap?)

All in all mixed feeling tonight at Chez Coops. I'm really glad the players turned up, rolled their sleeves up, and pulled off a great result. Still completely unsure about Fraey. But it did warm the cockles of my heart to see Jason Euell animatedly directing the players from the technical area.

Pleased, confused and confounded in equal measure.

Great to see the fans sofa disappear, that type of moronic bollocks has no place at football. Apparently this was one of the things that was sung about outside the West Stand.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say t again and again - never a dull moment.

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Thursday 5 November 2015

Storm clouds gathering down in SE7...

Things seem to be gathering at pace down in SE7. First there is the planned protest outside the West Stand at 2.30pm.

Then the some may say cynical quick announcement of the family zone being 're-launched' and moved to, ahem, outside the West Stand. Leading many to accuse the Flemish hierarchy of using young supporters as a 'human shield' to throw a spanner in the works of the afore mentioned protest. (To be honest I've heard from a usually militant and anti RD source that this was always going to be the case anyway).

Add to this Sir Chris being suddenly available for work (I have to say, on the back of an excellent display away to Reading, his sacking was a bit harsh, as was the Huddersfield's boards statement that it was because they have decided to take the club in a different direction) whilst we wait with baited breath for KM to carry out another exhaustive search for a full time head coach.

I'm no apologist for the fact I think Chris Powell and CAFC have unfinished business, let's face it, the guy keeps coming back again and again.

Sprinkle in the ridiculous statement from Fraye about Conor Mcenleys loan stint being cut short because there is no room in the squad for any players who are not committed to the cause (I'd say there actually is lots of room in the squad for anyone fit, who has ever kicked a football, even my Mum. Or an untested under 18 striker! Poppycock Fraye. I liked you whilst Riga was in charge, but you are becoming a real network Flemish sound bite lackey).

It's all looking like heading towards something of a roller coaster ride, no change there then. I'm just hoping it's more for the current ridiculous board rather than our supporters. Duchalet nearly (in fact he eventually did) threw the towel in when Standard Liege supporters kicked off back in Flemland, the problem we have is there's an ocean between SE7 and him, so he's not as likely to feel the heat as much as he did back then.

Personally I'd like to see a robust, sensible and intelligent (typical Charlton style) protest, and the Flems finally giving up the game and buggering off back to Flemland, with their collective tails between their legs. Let's stop kidding ourselves. These jokers are taking our great club nowhere. Not backwards, not forwards. They are simply watching Charlton slowly evaporate.

All rather irritating, this 'talk to the hand' attitude, but based on past experience, there will only be one winner in this battle.

Chins up.


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Sunday 1 November 2015

110 years down the swanny...

Yet another 3-0 defeat, although this time we were away AND against a more than competent Middlesborough side, Charlton look like risking lurching at a rapid speed back towards the third tier of English football.

No one can blame the current regime for trying to run the club as financially astutely as possible, but the way they release sound bites and try to pull the wool over the clubs long suffering supporters eyes beggars belief and is frankly an insult to our intelligence.

Fraey does seem like a decent guy with the best of intentions, but to use an analogy - you wouldn't get a lollipop lady to perform keyhole surgery!

The guys just not qualified or experienced enough to manage any team at this level, let alone the small ragtag bunch of players at his disposal at Charlton.

I really can't see the way forward at this point. If, as I suspect, Fraey doesn't get the run of luck he needs to lift us up the table and get his 'interim' position turned into a permanent one, who will the board replace him with? I'm certainly disillusioned and not delusional enough to not expect a British manager with plenty of experience of the Championship coming in tasked with steadying the ship.

What's more likely is another lackey from the RD stable appearing from stage left.

Considering St Truiden beat ex RD owned Standard Liege in their last league game to move to seventh in the Juliper Pro League perhaps unlike some thought, we are not the mothership in this network. We may even see numbers bolstered as per Fraeys last stint as Riga's assistant by a bunch of network no marks. Just this time stiffs from the St Truiden squad.

All very depressing. I'm not one of those who grew up first experiencing Charlton as a well run club competing with the Premier Leagues elite season after season, so do not have unreasonable expectation. But I am someone who has seen five promotions, two Wembley finals and a two long serving English managers who performed miracles, never bought success, and gave us hope as fans of some glory from time to time.

As negative as this sounds, I simply cannot see us getting anything up at Milton Keynes on Tuesday, leaving us with the prospect of facing a very good Sheffield Wednesday side at what will probably be another hostile atmosphere at The Valley.

I need a stiff drink!

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