Monday 10 July 2017

Charlton win and Ricky signs...

An important day was yesterday. Not just for my potential reengagement with the club, but also for loyalty of players and perhaps a small adjustment in regime policy.

Ricky Holmes became the first player of the year under Duchalet tenure not to have been cashed in on. Equally the player chose at least another season playing in front of under 10,000 crowds in tier three over Championship football and what would have been crowds closer to 20k in Sheffield. A major win for club loyalty, something that is scarce in today's game.

I get the impression, for whatever motive, the club is intent on having a concerted push for promotion this term. Watch out for further signings.

On the playing front a decent run out for the whole squad in Crumlin last night. I caught intermittent bits of the action on CAFCTV and YouTube.

I watch on in anticipation,  could we about to embark upon an 'ordinary football season' under RD?

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Tentatively Looking Forward to the New Season...

I'd kind of been holding off making my first post for the 2017-2018 season until there is some resolution over Ricky Holmes.

On the face of it the new backroom line up seems to be Karl Robinson driven; whether the trio of Robinson, Jackson and Bowyer (sounds like a firm of Estate Agents or Solicitors) have what it takes remains to be seen?  But it is none the less refreshing to see a line up devoid of network employed additions, and I believe all three will be turning up with the right attitude and wish to earn their money.

The signings so far, although not plentiful look decent enough for this level. Clarke and Marshall have already played together and know what it's takes to finish top six in this division.  The guy from Reading sounds to have promise.

In Robinson's words we do however need a good 5 or 6 quality additions to bolster the squad and provide some much needed competition.  One notable requirement is a Goalkeeper.

The newly launched website, is in my opinion, even worse than the old generic football league one. Difficult to navigate, childish in it's content (think kick off magazine versus the old football monthly or four four two) and very much twitter driven.

I have to admit long gone are the days I eagerly anticipate the launch of a new kit, however you would have thought they would have released it by now, if for no other reason to get some much needed revenue from pre-orders.

Silly Katreins silence has been wonderful.  Long may that continue.

The general spirit among the squad during this weeks training camp in Ireland does fill me with some optimism, not that we are going to romp to the league title, but that we are now beginning to see a unified team of players, who god forbid, may even want to start playing for each other, for the fans and for the shirt.

I retain an open mind and will be there come our first home game to cheer on the Addicks.

Mind you it is a long time between now and the big ko, so lets see how things work out.