Saturday 21 September 2013

Charlton follow Cardiff and Hull in rebranding the club to be known as Charlton Nil...

It's been a while, lifes been a tad busy, what can I say.

Perhaps i've found it difficult as the only things that really could be said would have been pretty negative this last month (with the exception of the Leicester result, which now is looking more and more like a bit of a fluke from us and bad day at the office for the foxes). And dare I criticise SCP.

A lacklustre display by pretty much the whole team (and i'm not buying Jackson was up for it, he may well have been - but it doesn't mean he didn't also have a stinker!)

The crowd today were understandably subdued. From the get go the game plan seemed to be pass back, pass sideways and pass back then hoof it upto to the unfortunate and awful debutante Piggott.

Church for all his charging around looked lacking in skills or cutting edge, the midfield to a man, were woeful and lacked idea's and any intent.

We were well beaten by a very average looking Millwall side who never really had to break a sweat.

Our tactics looked tactless and once again Sir Chris left it far too late to make any changes. Those who came on had a bit more about them, but the in-cohesive look of this team of players currnetly was never going to be effective, and lets all be honest with ourselves, had we nicked anything from this game it would have been entirely undeserved.

Kermo would not have made a difference today. We simply were not good enough!

Personally i think we need to go back to basics. I think 4-4-1-1 with Harriott, Jackson, Hughes and Pritchard across the middle, Kermo up top and the lad from Hull City sitting free behind him.

We've won one game playing 3-5-2. It ain't working. A long hard season ahead i'm afraid.