Monday, 29 June 2015

Second summer signing arrives...

El-Hadgi Ba has arrived at the Valley from Sunderland.

Sort of exciting, he spent much of last season whilst on loan at Le Harve crocked with a broken leg. But now Liege are no longer part of the network we simply won't see any more makeshift loanees coming into the club. Interesting times ahead.

This guys arrival has been mooted for several days. As has the arrival of a big centre forward from Den Hagg, I've watched a compilation of his goals on you tube and he looks like a bit of a beast who knows how to make the back of the net bulge. If this rumour turns out to be true then I will begin to become pretty optimistic about the new season. Even to the extent that with the ridiculous odds we are being offered on promotion I might have a punt.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Duchalet commits to a future in football, but not in Belguim!

Roland Duchalet called a press conference this morning to confirm he has sold Standard Liege to the clubs Vice President. When asked he reiterated his commitment to football stating however this would be overseas, not in Belguim.

This leaves the Addicks currently 'top of the table' within the network. I would imagine RD has recouped his initial 24 million outlay for purchasing Standard. If he does not pick up another club for his network who's to say he won't re-invest this back into Charlton, looking to progress us to the Premiership where he can really look to get a return on his initial investment in the club.

Pre seasons are always a fascinating time full of speculation, looks like this one may be so even more than usual.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

One in, another one out...

Damien Matthews is pretty much last man standing of the old pre Duchalet regime no we have seen Ben Roberts departure today.

For me the impression I got was that he wasn't just a great goalkeeping coach and a great spotter of talent but was an overall positive influence throughout the squad. Our loss, Brightons gain. I wouldn't be surprised to see a space made down the M23 for Damien and what's left of the old back room staff at some point.

Bauer coming in is however maybe a positive step in the right direction. I've heard he is more of a ball playing centre back so could fill the hole left by Ben-Haim.

I went to Selhurst and Upton Park game in game out back in the day. Travelled all over the country to watch a mediocre Charlton side win, lose and draw. (But mostly lose). So the chances of me piously returning my season ticket in disgust are pretty unlikely. But it would cheer me up no end if we see some players who are actually up to the job come through the gates at Floyd Road.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Whose next ?

So good old Joe Gomez has completed his move to Anfield. Good luck to the lad, he seems from what I can gather a well rounded decent bloke. I just hope he doesn't end up a bench warmer like Poyet and either is given a serious opportunity in the first team squad (tbh I do actually think he's good enough) or even better gets loaned out to a team that will play him week in week out. Maybe a decent Championship side where he's known and can be nurtured. (Wishful thinking me thinks).

I read rumours of various clubs interested in Jordan Cousins, my ever changing opinion of the current owners will change drastically if we see the back of  the midfielder. Gudmunnson has been touted as a potential big money sale, and the club have been bigging up his recent international performances on the official site.

Wiggins going wouldn't bother me too much, a bit of a crock now, spending more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. If we can get a fee for him I'd say go for it.

With so many players released and now one of our best players departed we really do need to see some intent from the club and some Championship quality players begin to arrive prior to pre-season training commencing.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Squad rebuilding near beginning?

With just four weeks to go before the first of our pre season friendlies there are the beginnings of movement in the transfer market. All be it players leaving.

LePoint has been offloaded to a Side in Belguim for an undisclosed fee (putting a nominal amount back into the coffers) and I'm sure the money made and saved will go along with that of the glut of players already released to contribute to our overall playing staff budget.

Then there is the touted 3.5 - 6 million deal (depending on which paper you read) that will see Joe Gomez leave for Liverpool today. A shame we won't yet again see one of our own flourish in a Charlton shirt. We can only hope that as with Bowyer, Jenkinson and Shelvey the board use the money wisely to move the club forward on the pitch.

There must be a long term plan, other than standing still, what with the investment in the stadium improvements and new training ground, but quite how this is going to manifest itself with the playing staff I really have no idea.

We are plainly not going to do a Fulham, QPR, Cardiff or even Bournemouth and throw money away at it in the hope we go up.  I expect more movement in of network players, however as shown with last seasons step up in quality, we will yet again see an improvement in the pedigree of players coming in. And also some slightly better none network players sought out and signed for fee's.

Of course the pessimist whispering in my ear may prove me wrong. We could see the likes of Vetokele, Gudmunnson and Wiggins cashed in on and network players who are out of favour shipped in to plug the gaps. (I hope that negative whispering voice is proved wrong and goes away soon).

In Luzon I think we have a pretty decent manager, and I fully expect him to prove that over the course of a full season. Providing Duchalets knee doesn't jerk and he is given that chance.

As always an interesting week ahead, I think that there are maybe two incoming deals done already, and announcements are being held off until Gomez is out the door to provide the supporters who haven't yet invested in season tickets a reason to do so and those that have some hope that they've not just wasted 400 hundred odd quid.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ridiculous odds...

Early (far too early) odds for next seasons Championship

With no real business having been done in the transfer market pretty much throughout the division so far Charlton are the bookies early second favourites for the drop in the forthcoming season.

Personally I think they could be eating humble pie come May. At the moment the best odds on offer for 26-1. I'm sure these early odds will change over the course of the next eight weeks, but even so - after last season showing, starting at second most likely for the drop by the tipsters doesn't really make a great deal of sense to me.